China will take comprehensive countermeasures against the trade policy of the United States

BEIJING, April 6. /TASS/. The Chinese government must adopt a new comprehensive countermeasures in response to the trade policy of the United States. This was said in a Friday statement, the Ministry of Commerce of PRC.

“As for the statements of the American side, we will not only listen to the words, but also to monitor the actions of the other party. If the United States continues to ignore the protests of China and the international community, will continue to follow the path of unilateralism and trade protectionism, China will go to the end, will not stop before any price”, – stated in the document.

“You must fight back, adopt a new comprehensive countermeasures and to firmly protect the interests of the Motherland and the people,” he said in a statement.

Trade relations China and the United States

President Donald trump ordered Thursday to prepare a new list of imported products from China, which will be imposed an additional fee. As highlighted in a statement the White house statement by the head of the US administration, this step – response “to the unfair response from China”.

A new phase of deterioration in trade relations between Washington and Beijing began on 3 April, when the administration of us President Donald trump released a list of products from China, which planned to introduce an additional 25 per cent duty. In response, China’s state Council on Wednesday published a list of 106 titles American products on which duties would be introduced in 25%. The entry into force of the response depends on whether to impose the United States scheduled duties on Chinese goods.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Commerce of China said that Beijing initiated proceedings in the WTO against the unilateral actions of the United States against Chinese steel products and aluminium. On Wednesday, Beijing appealed to the WTO over the imposition of US duties on Chinese imports based on the 301st article.