In the North Caucasus in 2018 renew about 300 km of roads and 19 bridges

PYATIGORSK, April 5. /TASS/. Road builders in the North Caucasus in 2018 will update 290 km of roads and 19 bridges, said on Thursday the press service of PKU uprdor “the Caucasus” (subordinated to Rosavtodor).

“In five regions of the North Caucasus region in 2018 plans to bring in the order of 290 km of highways of Federal value, 66 km of which – capital. The protective layers of the suit at 161 km, 80 km from the amount of work necessary to Stavropol Krai”, – the press-service.

Will be put into operation 16 bridges, three overpasses and one 30-metre culvert at km 31 of the entrance to Cherkessk in Karachay-Cherkessia. The plans of the Federal road to build this year a new 6 km section bypassing of Pyatigorsk and one of the two bridges across the Great Stavropol canal in Karachay-Cherkessia, and expand from two to six lanes for almost a kilometre on the border of North Ossetia with Georgia.

In addition, the Federal roads of the Stavropol region and the republics appear one at a modern traffic light with a button. While KCR Federal road builders will equip 23 of a crosswalk, l-shaped pillars with the signs above the roadway.

Overhaul and update

In the Stavropol region Federal workers will lead to standard 122 km of roads. The work program includes the overhaul of a total of 19 km of roads A-167, R-217 “Caucasus” entrance to Cherkessk, repair of 13 km at the entrance to the Stavropol area of the highway A-157 Mineral Waters – Kislovodsk length of 6 km Centimeter protective layer that improves the grip, will update the tracks in the direction of Makhachkala, Zelenokumsk, Cherkessk Elista and a total length of 80 km.

In Kabardino-Balkaria, it is repaired 7 km bypass of Nalchik, as well as 6 km A-154 URVAN – Ushtulu near the village of Upper Balkaria, and 13-kilometer section of the road A-158 Cool – Baksan – Elbrus, the victim of the mudflow in September last year. Federal workers will repair two bridges across the river Cherek and Altud-Kulomski on the slopes of A-158 and A-154 and three structures: through the channels on 474 km of the road R-217 “Caucasus”, 43 kilometer of the road A-158, and the river Chegem on the 443 kilometer section subsided as a result of heavy rains and rising river levels in 2017.

In Karachay-Cherkessia will begin the repair of two bridges on highway A-155 Cherkessk – Dombai through rivers Muruga and Teberda. On this road will protect nearly 20 km of thin-layer coating. Preventive treatment will perform on a 9 km stretch on the way to the resort Arkhyz and the astrophysical Observatory of the highway A-156.

This year, KCR will begin construction of a bridge across the Great Stavropol canal in the 47-kilometer highway A-165 Lermontov-Cherkessk length 65 m In 2019 of the Federal road builders plan to put into operation and the second bridge structure, which will replace the old, in 1964. The project predusmotrivaet the construction of the modern four-lane terminal device with the four water treatment plants and almost 500 m of the light lines.

Will upgrade tracks and bridges

In North Ossetia the road will update almost 80 km of roads and four bridges, one of which is through the channel Alkhanchurtskaya – capital. The largest amount of work will have on the highway A-162 Vladikavkaz – Alagir, here repair 24 km. Layers, wear will protect almost 40 miles of roads, 33 km to bypass the town of Beslan and its intersections. The remaining 7 km to arrange A-164 Transkam.

In Ingushetia, complete the repair and construction of 4 km of road with a roundabout at the entrance to Magas, in the near future will begin reconstruction of the highway P-217 “Caucasus” with 563 at 589 km.

To date, 81% of Federal highways under the jurisdiction of PKU uprdor “the Caucasus”, corresponds to the regulatory state. In total, the management of the company is 1850 km of Federal highways passing through the territory of five regions of the Russian Federation.