Putin has supported tougher penalties for violation of the antitrust laws

MOSCOW, April 5. /TASS/. With an appeal to take measures to increase competition appealed to all levels of government in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking Thursday at the first presidential election after a meeting of the State Council. The development of competition in the country – “this is one of the key areas of our work,” said the Russian leader. “Without solving anything in this area we will not do, no task to be achieved,” he warned.

The head of state spoke out against the fact that government agencies and state-owned companies displace a small business from the markets, monopolize them, and criticized the regions for regional protectionism. At the same time he cautioned against providing vital sectors of the economy, “anybody.” even for the sake of competition.

Noting the importance of the contribution of the business community in the development of the economy, the President demanded from entrepreneurs “honest work”. “You cannot be a temporary worker”, – he stressed.

Putin also stated enormous damage to the economy, which causes a violation of the laws in the field of competition, and supported the idea of maximum tightening penalties for violation of antitrust laws.

For growth competition

Opening the meeting, the head of state stressed that “the fundamental importance of competition is defined in the Constitution of Russia, this direction is one of the main to achieve the goals mentioned in my address [to the Federal Assembly]”. According to Putin, “fair and fair competition is a basic condition for economic and technological development, pledge of renewal and dynamic growth in all spheres of life.”

“I want you to me all turned and heard: local manufacturer – which means Russian, not some leaven. This is extremely important. And we see that regional protectionism, even in those regions that we are leaders, who show good results in development. This is absolutely unacceptable,” – said the Russian leader.

He agreed that to support the business can and should use regional mechanisms. “However, it’s one thing when the benefits are equally accessible to all, and quite another when you are deliberately discriminatory restrictions for businessmen from other regions, or a ban on the import of goods”, – said the President. In his opinion, such a “hothouse conditions for “their” distort, distort the competitive environment”. In General, the company grown in artificial advantages over time will lose its efficiency and to impose low-quality products and services.

As recalled in his speech the head of the Udmurt Republic for the purposes of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from December 21, 2017, “About the main directions of the state policy on development of competition” and the National development plan competition in 2018-2020 “needs to be stimulating and motivational measures for the regions, including of a financial nature”. “Along with this must be provided by the application of sanctions for officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-government fails to ensure the achievement of key performance indicators for the development of competition”, – said Brechalov.

The head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov said that the attempts of private sector involvement in housing in the Northern territories led to the fact that they were unable to create the necessary supply of coal, which had almost led to problems with heating. “Where sensitive [sphere], where the livelihood of the question, it is necessary to look that for the company [to these areas], it is impossible to give [these sectors] to whom no hitting”, – Putin responded.

He also advised the regions to listen to the proposal of the authorities of Moscow to connect to the electronic platform providers for a small procurement that are not regulated by sectoral legislation., calling it a “good practice”.

Not to be a temporary worker

Noting the important contribution of the business community in the development of the economy, the President urged entrepreneurs not only take care of the profits, but not to forget about interests of the country. “We need to find balance, to ensure that it is fair, equal competition, – said Putin. – I am sure that with competent management approaches enough work for everyone. For the breakthrough development of the country is critical to ensure economic freedom, high level of competition.” “From the state, at all levels of government here very much depends, but in shaping the business climate, entrepreneurial culture and practices of fair competition, of course, plays a huge role and the business,” the President continued.

“It is clear that the profit for business is a major priority, but it should not come at any price”, – Putin said. He stressed that the responsibility of business to people and society is extremely important. “To be honest, the conscience, the work of entrepreneurs, not to be timeservers and care only about their own welfare,” he said, Recalling that ahead the country faces great challenges and goals. He expressed the hope that the business understands how important his contribution to the breakthrough development of the country. “Time to drive, we have no”, – appealed the head of state for all members of the state Council.

According to him, “all our steps to support industries and companies, including in the framework of import substitution, should encourage efficiency, the production of modern competitive goods and services demanded in both domestic and foreign international market.” Putin noted that it is necessary in General to look at the condition of the markets to take into account the state of demand, “to an exclusive environment for projects and investors in some regions do not hold back, do not adversely impact on the development of a similar, also successful enterprises in other regions of the Russian Federation”.

Damage to the economy

At the meeting of the state Council Putin stated enormous damage caused to the economy violation of laws in the field of competition. According to him, “the total number of violations of the Antimonopoly legislation by Federal bodies of power in 2017 is 1.2 %, and regional and municipal authorities – 98.8% of the violations.” “What does this mean? This suggests that the values in the country due to this is not given. We believe that this is some nonsense that there is nothing wrong, you have “poradet native little man”, their some fermiscan, Unitary Moopam,” he said. “In fact, the damage to the economy is huge,” said Putin.

According to him, the legal regulation of competition in the Russian Federation “as a whole corresponds to the world standards”. In recent years, reminded the President, adopted four packages of Antimonopoly laws, is now preparing a fifth. “It’s important to provide them with adequate law enforcement, while in the field of competition many cases direct disregard of laws, especially by local authorities”, – said Putin.

He supported the idea that the punishment for violation of the Antimonopoly legislation should be as strict as possible. “About toughening of the Antimonopoly law: we know, at least those who were doing that, how was the antitrust legislation in those countries which are now called countries with developed market economies. Greater punishment than violation of the antitrust laws, it was possible to imagine only for treason and murder,” the President said.

“I want everyone to have heard it, too. You can, of course, is to liberalize, but it has nothing to do with the question of administrative pressure on business”, – said the Russian leader.

He also spoke out against the transformation of the Federal Antimonopoly service in the law enforcement structure. “And so we have today the conclusion of the FAS must be claimed to law enforcement investigative authorities, but to turn the Federal Antimonopoly service in the law enforcement structure so far, to put it mildly, is premature,” – said Putin. “It is possible to strengthen the role and importance of the conclusions of the FAS in preliminary investigation and in judicial proceedings”, – said the head of state, adding that “the final assessment the court must give”.