Users will not be punished for downloading pirated content

SVETLOGORSK /the Kaliningrad region/, April 11. / TASS/. Internet users in the near future will not be held responsible for the use of pirated content on the Internet. This was told to journalists on Wednesday the Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhuravsky.

“The question about the punishment for downloading today is not worth it. Let us first create the conditions to copyright holders earned their intellectual property, and establish a good, functioning, free market of intellectual property, protected by the state and rights holders, and then we will discuss the rights of consumers who illegally consume illegally posted content,” he said in the framework of the international strategic forum IPQuorum.

Zhuravskii also noted that while the main focus is the fight against piracy market. “The key we now have the problem that there was no market for pirate. So the pirates not making illegally posted the content,” he explained.

On the forum

International strategic forum IPQuorum 2018 gathered in Svetlogorsk more than 500 experts from more than 30 countries to discuss intellectual property issues and the development of digital technologies. From 11 to 12 April at the forum consists of 12 thematic sessions, to structure discussions organized by the 7 hubs. It is expected the signing of an intergovernmental Memorandum of replicating good practices in the field of intellectual property, agreements on strategic partnership with leading market players.

The forum is held under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. It was organized by the Russian Association for the protection of intellectual property IPChain and the Eurasian Confederation of societies of rights holders (ECOP) that govern the various categories of intellectual property rights in member countries the EEU, CIS and BRICS. The news Agency TASS is the General information partner of the forum.