Showed guests of the exhibition in the framework of KEF-2018

KRASNOYARSK, April 12. /TASS/. The main attraction of the participants of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum (KEF-2018) first day of work was the exhibition of projects and technologies implemented by the Siberian companies. Visitors to the exhibition could see the Krasnoyarsk future in virtual reality and to look at the production of artificial bones, and on top of all of them counted smart drone.

Krasnoyarsk prepares next year to host winter Universiade, so the exhibition guests of the forum are met by the symbol of the competition – dog U-Laika, which actively photographed the visitors. The stand of the Universiade, too, is very popular – here you can see the sports facilities, which are now actively under construction in Krasnoyarsk, and also to shoot at targets with a safe laser rifles that mimic biathlon.

Universiade is presented in the courtyard of the international exhibition and business center – this year there is set to mimic glass snow globe, a huge polymer design, which can also be photographed. Volunteers in warm jackets, who were on duty near the “snow globe”, complain that real snow in Krasnoyarsk has melted, and the symbols of the Universiade is somewhat distracting from the overall color scheme.

On the exhibition stands suspended drone – a prototype of the aircraft “Sigma”, which was developed by innovative engineers of the Krasnoyarsk company “AWACS”. Safety reasons to run it in flight under the ceiling Siberia IEBC did not, but the rest of the “Sigma” works. The drone is equipped with a vision system that is able to grasp different objects.

“Now he identificeret people passing by and the distance to them. We see it on the screen of the computer on which the drone transmits the image. But in General, the range of application of the system is much broader. It can be used for monitoring forest fires, oil spills, traffic flows”, – told TASS chief engineer of the company Igor Negruta.

Bones from the printer

Innovative developments presented at KEF, not only bespilotniki. On a neighbouring stand, two 3D printer busily printed bone implants. Printers Hercules also developed in Krasnoyarsk, and the similarities of their main advantage over foreign analogues the price which is lower by more than threefold.

“Besides, for those who use such printers, an important Russian-speaking support. For Russian users this is a serious advantage,” explained TASS the representative of the company Cyril Shablovsky.

Printers, in addition to a medical prosthesis, useful in prototyping, the manufacture of prototypes and models of different detail when creating decorative items. As told TASS one of the printer users, the development of Krasnoyarsk citizens is valuable because it directly during the printing process it is possible to change various parameters, such as temperature.

Street qavamobili.

One of the most popular booths was the area of urban streets, illustrating the improvement project of Krasnoyarsk. Here they have road tiles, benches, lights and signs, just those that will soon appear on city streets. Some significant places, in particular, the embankment of the Yenisei river and the site of the Central streets of Krasnoyarsk, Avenue of the World – can be seen firsthand with the help of virtual reality helmet.

“In fact, it’s all the details we have developed and approved project of improvement of the city, which will begin this year. We have tried to reproduce here the section of the city street, but not to create the feeling of some construction exhibitions”, – told TASS managing partner of the company “Project-development”, developed the concept of beautification, Anton Shatalov.

The stand was very popular among guests of the exhibition, as well as virtual reality helmets, it installed and loved by the Krasnoyarsk minibus with coffee – qavamobili.. According to Shatalov, this popular format in the city in the development of the improvement project sought to preserve.

On the forum

Krasnoyarsk economic forum will be held from 12 to 14 April. His main subject is “Russia 2018 – 2024: realizing the potential”. TASS is a strategic information partner of the forum.