The Federation Council recommended the government to reduce the period of issuing certificates for the registration of brands

SVETLOGORSK /the Kaliningrad region/, April 12. / TASS/. The Federation Council recommended that the four state bodies of the Executive power – the Ministry of health, the Ministry of industry, Ministry of agriculture and the Net to reduce the terms of consideration of applications from manufacturers for the registration of regional brands by the name of the place of origin of goods (AOO). This was announced by the Deputy chief of staff of the Federation Council Committee for science, education and culture Marina Yakovleva.

“For brand registration, the conclusion of [government agencies], and the conclusion is, in our opinion, the bottleneck. Registration is often stalled because the conclusion of very poor quality. We called a meeting and the results encouraged them to reduce the time to reach a conclusion,” said Yakovlev at the session of the international forum on intellectual property IPQuorum, which takes place in the Kaliningrad region.

She also added that the Federation Council also recommended that government departments to develop guidance for manufacturers on applying, so that they made no mistakes when forming treatment. Such recommendations, she said, also will allow to reduce terms of registration of regional brand.

In conversation with the correspondent of TASS Yakovlev said that now the timing of the issuance of the agencies conclusions on the presence of product specific properties on the basis of which a manufacturer can register a brand of APO and to receive legal protection, reach three years. “We believe that these terms are unjustified and we want them to them to at least six months has reduced”, – she said.

Registration problems

In addition, according to Yakovleva, now there is also a legislative problem with the very government agencies that are entitled to give such opinions.

“All four bodies are now able to give such judgments, and is, for example, regions in which there are brands such as Koelginskoe marble in the Chelyabinsk region, the White house made. Can’t receive legal protection – there is no Federal body that gives opinions on this kind of goods. The same is true of therapeutic mud, clay and so on,” – said Yakovlev.

She also noted that this issue must be addressed at the level of normative-legal acts and “regulations of the government of the Russian Federation, which in fact will determine the agencies that will provide conclusions for this group of goods.” “It’s very important we see it in demand. We want this year all I wanted to say was,” she said, answering the question TASS, when you can be taken such amendments to the legislation.

Registration of appellations of origin

The special properties of certain products emphasizes their geographical origin, for example mineral water that is bottled in the town of Essentuki. In order that the manufacturer could indicate on the product the designation that contains formal or informal, historical or abbreviated name of the locality or other geographical object, thereby emphasizing its special properties, it is necessary to register using the Agency.

To obtain the registration in Rospatent, in accordance with current legislation, the manufacturer must first obtain the opinion of the Russian alcohol regulation Department, Ministry of industry, Ministry of agriculture or the Ministry of health about the presence of product specific properties.

On the forum

International strategic forum IPQuorum 2018 gathered in Svetlogorsk over 1,000 experts from more than 30 countries to discuss intellectual property issues and the development of digital technologies. From 11 to 12 April at the forum consists of 12 thematic sessions, to structure discussions organized seven hubs. It is expected the signing of an intergovernmental Memorandum of replicating good practices in the field of intellectual property, agreements on strategic partnership with leading market players.

The forum is held under the auspices of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO. It was organized by the Russian Association for the protection of intellectual property IPChain and the Eurasian Confederation of societies of rights holders (ECOP) that govern the various categories of intellectual property rights in member countries the EEU, CIS and BRICS. The news Agency TASS is the General information partner of the forum.