Medvedev promised the Rosato maximum assistance in the promotion in foreign markets

GORKI, April 13. /TASS/. The government of the Russian Federation Rosatom will provide maximum assistance for consolidation of positions and promotion in foreign markets, said Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with the head of the company Alexey Likhachev.

“Working in foreign markets is a major component of the work of the company. Rosatom is the largest international player in the market for the services market associated with the construction of nuclear power plants, he said. – The government of course, we will continue to provide the company maximum support to secure these positions and to advance in those markets in which you said that there are plans or, at least, formed plans to attract Russian contractors and Russian contractor Rosatom in the face”.

Medvedev also promised to support projects in Russia.

“Alexey, to continue work on the domestic market, taking into account the plans and capabilities of the company “Rosatom”, we will of course tie the implementation and other state programs, and major state program to the pace of construction, you’ve already won,” – said Medvedev. “If you need something to speed up, tell me I am kind instruction give,” he said.

In turn, the Likhachev said that the Corporation has all the reasons to ask the government to speed up construction in Tomsk of a new nuclear power complex.

“Fast reactors, especially the metallic coolant, give us the principle of security, close to natural, close to natural. In the city of Seversk of the Tomsk region implemented the project “Breakthrough”, and we have all the reasons to ask the government to rapidly conduct capital construction and to include in the state program of development of nuclear energy complex objects of capital construction – in the coming years in the Tomsk region”, – said Likhachev.

We are talking about the construction of the pilot demonstration power complex on the basis of a fast neutron reactor with lead cooled BREST-OD-300.

Likhachev also spoke to the Prime Minister on foreign projects being implemented by the Corporation.

“As for foreign projects. Last year was the first two concrete. The first concrete is the official start of construction, it is always very exciting for the builders event. And in Iran, and Bangladesh have passed the first concrete”, he said.

“We have joined this year to them “Akkuyu” – Turkish project, which is not easy developed for specific reasons. Now we have to catch up in previous years and fulfill the wish of the Turkish government to launch the unit in 2023, the centenary of the Turkish Republic. Here there is a very warm and multifaceted relations training, University cooperation and social agenda – the support of the population in the region-based station,” – said Likhachev.

The head of Rosatom also drew attention to cooperation with Egypt. “In mid-December last year, we launched a commercial package of all the Egyptian contracts worth almost $ 60 billion. This is the phased construction of four VVER units, the younger brother of Leningrad. On this site is the service station for decades to come, the supply of fuel. And, of course, is a very important contribution to the development of Russian-Egyptian relations at the level of both the human and technological cooperation,” he added.