New rules for entrepreneurs: who should install the online box office until July 1, 2018

The next stage of implementation of the law 54-FZ, which reglamentary working with entrepreneurs check-out equipment begins on 1 July 2018. From there, many organizations and entrepreneurs, operating on the imputed tax (UTII) and applying the patent system of taxation (PSN), the accounts receivable must use the online cash. However, to follow the new rules you can not all. TASS tells about who made an exception and how to choose the right equipment.

Who is already working with the online box office?

Working in trade companies and individual entrepreneurs began to send the tax office information about each transaction in the online mode even 2017. Then the cash register with fiscal memory drive with info about the sale is stored encrypted and transmitted via Internet to the operator’s fiscal data (CRF) and later in on – began to use the sellers of excisable alcohol, organizations and individual entrepreneurs using the General taxation system, the “simplified taxation” and paying the uniform agricultural tax. According to the tax last year in the country was operated for about 1.52 million online box office and was printed 23 billion checks.

Who should install the online cash in 2018 and 2019?

Until July 1, 2018 new kontrolno-cash technics (KKT) must establish enterprises and entrepreneurs on the “menance”, and also IE patent, selling retail and providing catering services. The changes will concern, in particular, owners of commercial and vending machines. However, the equipment do not need to purchase entrepreneurs on the “vmenenku” (as well as organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in vending), if they carry out their activities independently, without hired workers. However, in employment at least one person within 30 days you will need to purchase and register the online register. Until July 1, 2019 devices with the fiscal drive required to install all the other organizations and entrepreneurs on the imputed income, IE on the patent and on the imputed income individuals (and businesses interested in vending) that operate without employees. This requirement applies to representatives of the services – they still allowed to give their clients the forms of strict accountability (BSO). Next year these forms should be generated using the “automated system for BSO” – varieties of the CCP with the same requirements.

Whom the new rules do not concern you?

In their work the cash register, as before, may not be used by those who officially rent their own housing, creates and sells products of national and art crafts, small businesses, which render services on repair of footwear, sellers in our markets, traders products from tank cars and trucks, newsagents, credit institutions and companies engaged in the securities market, as well as conductors and catering in educational institutions. No equipment is allowed to work and entrepreneurs in distant villages where there are no available networks.

How to register online register?

Knock out electronic receipts with a QR code will be possible only after check of KKT in tax and contract signing with the operator’s fiscal data (currently more than 15 organizations). But if this was to go on and carry with them cash register at the examination, but now the procedure is being performed online, including on the website It does not need to sign a contract with the maintenance center equipment. If the online cash failures will occur, the problem will be engaged in the service of the manufacturer KKT. A contract with the CRF is also on the website of the company (the majority of organizations provide this service without having to come to the office). To perform the necessary operations online, the entrepreneur must have an electronic signature. However, all of these questions yourself you can not do. MTS, for example, offers not only to buy in the salons of MTS the cash, but also provides services for registration and connection of the equipment. Applications will be accepted through your personal account on the website

Any cash to choose?

Online cash register, fiscal devices and software must be certified. To verify the legality of the equipment on the website of the tax service, which presents a list of “approved” equipment. Now manufacturers offer a wide range of online cash registers, which differ in both their size and cost, amounting to 35 thousand rubles. “MTS office”, in particular, has a length of slightly more than 20 cm and a weight of 900 grams, capable of running on a single battery charge up to 24 hours, and in standby mode – up to five days. To have this mobile device is very convenient when working outside the office. The price of the “MTS Cash” is 18.9 thousand rubles, and you can buy it in installments. The entrepreneur not only gets the “piece of iron”, but also software, mobile and Internet services CRF – fees are cleared before July 1, 2018. To compensate for the cost of technical re-equipment, individual entrepreneurs on the “vmenenku” and the patent is granted tax deduction in the amount of 18 thousand rubles for each instance of TCC. Those who ignore the installation of online cash, threatening fines and to suspend operations for a period up to 90 days.

MTS salons (salons of JSC “RTK”, bin 1027739165662, 109147, Moscow, street Vorontsovsky, d. 5, p. 2). The price of the model PTK “MSPOS-K”. Details of the action are on the website Telesales – OOO “Internet Solutions”, bin 1027739244741, 125252, Moscow, chapaevskiy pereulok, 14, area V, 4th floor, room 41. The CRF operator’s fiscal data. CRF provides services of “Yandex.The CRF”. Installment plan available for PJSC “MTS-Bank”, gene. the CBR license No. 2268 from 17.12.14