Trutnev: the offshore zone on island Russian can be created for all companies

MOSCOW, April 13. /TASS/. Deputy Prime Minister, Plenipotentiary envoy of the President of the Russian Federation in the far East Yuri Trutnev believes that the offshore zone on island Russian can create for all companies, not just those who fell under the sanctions.

“Well, [are]. Only I would put the last part, “for companies under sanctions.” In the US there are offshore areas, in a number of countries that consider themselves developed, there is an offshore territory, and we have. It is offensive and not correct, therefore, we not only for companies that are unfortunately faced with the sanctions, but also for all Russian companies can and should create an offshore territory”, – said Trutnev.

Vice Prime Minister noted that such areas should have their own rules, “you need to see all risks, including those associated with tax evasion, but nothing wrong with the creation of such areas, I do not see”.

“Risks must be considered, but the economy needs to respond to the situation in the world. The world situation has changed, hence the rules of the economy must change”, – concluded the Deputy Prime Minister.