Study: share of the U.S. alcohol market of the Russian Federation – 2-3%

MOSCOW, April 13./TASS/. The proportion of American alcohol in the Russian market is 2-3% of the total imports, and a possible ban on its import in Russia will affect more producers than consumers, which are mostly of wealthy gourmets, analysts say.

Possible countermeasures Russia in response to new US sanctions include a ban on imports of American alcohol. From the point of view of losses possible ban will feel first and foremost American producers of whiskey, beer and California wines, according to market participants. But the damage is not serious.

By estimates of analyst IK “freedom Finance” Alain Sabitova, the measure could negatively affect the business of the company Brown-Forman, the maker of the famous Jack Daniels whiskey. However, the loss will be immaterial to its business – about $20 million.

“American alcohol consumption swarosky group of the population only a few percent of Russians, and no one will even notice this (ban on the import of American alcohol – approx.TASS). The proportion of us production in import volume for any type of – wine, whiskey, etc. – a maximum of 2-3%, so the ban will be completely hidden to anyone,” said TASS Director of the Center of researches Federal and regional alcohol markets “tsifrra” Ivan Drobiz.

“Possible sanctions are not sensitive for either individual companies or in General for the Russian market. The US is not among the major exporters of alcohol in Russia: their share in imports is about 3%” – agrees with him Sabitov.

A drop in the ocean

American alcohol on the Russian market – “a drop in the ocean”, Drobiz estimates. Of the total $2 billion imported last year, of alcoholic beverages, the U.S. accounted for about $60 million, he said.

According to the Ministry of agriculture based on the statistics of the FCS, Russia in 2017 year imported from the United States spirits at $53 million.

According to a member of the Presidium “Support of Russia” Alexei nebol, “quite a lot of alcohol Russia is lucky America, is a Bourbon whiskey, a lot of California wines, craft beer in large enough quantities. In total, all imported beer – 2% of our volume,” he said.

“Of course, carried very little and mostly expensive alcohol – whisky. Therefore, this measure is increasingly revealing that she was someone to be seen and heard, we Have two companies that carry quality American wines, but in any case, the average-expensive categories, so the percentage of them is also very small. This is not sold in stores – is that all there is in restaurant wine lists,” said TASS Deputy of the state Duma Victor Zvagelsky.

He believes that the prohibition of importation of alcohol will be much more tangible for American manufacturers than for the consumers of their products.

The bill

The bill on the response of the Russian Federation provides for limitations in respect of goods and / or citizens, and those countries that imposed economic sanctions against Russia. From the text of the document submitted Friday to the state Duma that Russia can give the answer “when cases do occur, and (or) actions by the US and (or) other foreign States, aimed at impairing the territorial integrity of the Russian security and economic destabilization of the Russian Federation”.