In the Novgorod region have launched monitoring turnover of medicines through the system of the blockchain

VELIKY NOVGOROD, April 13. /TASS/. Novgorod oblast is a pilot region, which for the first time in Russia’s Vnesheconombank (VEB) has started a programme of monitoring turnover of medicines at the hospital by the system of the blockchain. This method of account will help to fight counterfeiting and diversion of expensive prescription drugs, bought on budget money, said Friday the Governor of the Novgorod region Andrey Nikitin.

“Novgorod is the budget that pays for expensive drugs for people suffering from complex diseases. Sometimes it turned out that we paid for medications, and the patient does not come down as much as they should have been. What is the blockchain is the technology the absolute reliability of the data that it is impossible to change, impossible to falsify and the patient sees that he was discharged and to what extent – it completely eliminates any unwanted manipulation,” – said Nikitin.

The first stage of the pilot project involves the introduction of an electronic access system for each patient in which he will be able to track personal use of drugs, their availability under the program of preferential provision, and further availability in the regional pharmacies, along with reports on the results of the drugs on hand.

Before starting the project in Veliky Novgorod the program was tested 4 months platform for the implementation was the Novgorod regional clinical hospital, in particular hematological, rheumatologic and respiratory disorders. Their patients can approach the medical post, enter your information in the provided tablet and get all the information on issued drugs. It is anticipated that the tablet will replace the infomat.

“These three departments chosen because there are relatively small numbers of patients, but the treatment is expensive. One course can reach 1-1. 5 million per year per person, so the effect will be more obvious”, – explained TASS Mikhail Likholetov, General Director of the company “OMK”, which is a technical partner of the Bank in the implementation of the program. According to him, the total cost of the project does not exceed 5 million rubles. He said that earlier all the information about medications and appointments were recorded on paper and were not available for patients.

It is planned that the successful implementation of the project of this accounting system will be scaled to other regional medical institutions, as well as to other regions.