Media: China from June 1 to impose legislative restrictions on the use of drones

BEIJING, April 15. /TASS/. Chinese authorities approved the law on the regulation of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), which will enter into force on 1 June this year. This was announced on Sunday, China Central television, citing the civil aviation Administration of China.

Under the new rules, owners of drones will be required to obtain a special license, otherwise the use of UAVS is illegal. At the same time they are responsible for the operation of small aircraft.

This decision was taken due to the extremely rapid increase in the number of drones, is practically not controlled in the process of applying. The law will affect different spheres of their use, especially in such sectors as agriculture and forestry, energy, mapping, environmental protection. It will also apply to the apparatus used in media to video.

In relation to innovation in China will operate the new registration system with the entry of personal data of everyone who owns BLAH. One of the rules on drones will be issued insurance. For the irresponsible use of small aircraft license shall be seized by the competent authorities at the local level.