Most of all in the Cabinet in 2017 earned Khloponin

MOSCOW, April 13. /TASS/. Most of all in the Russian government in 2017, earned the Vice-Premier Alexander Khloponin. According to the information about income, expenses and assets are published on the website of the government, its revenue totaled 912 2 121 655 rubles.

Vaino income last year grew by 26.5% compared with the year 2016, when he received a 9.64 million rubles. The Declaration of the head of the Kremlin administration, had two new listings in the property – land area of 5748 and 6058 sq. m. on the territory of Russia. In the column “information about the sources of funds with which the transaction is made”, reported that the land was acquired “through the sale of house and land”. According to the income Declaration for the year 2016, we are talking about the land area of 2840 sq. m. and a residential house area to 454.2 sq. m. on the territory of Russia.

In second place in the presidential administration of the Russian Federation on the level of income was the assistant to the President on issues of local self-government Nikolay Tsukanov 41 428 million 206 thousand rubles. The third Secretary of the security Council Nikolai Patrushev, declared income for the year 2017 33 million 584 thousand 339 roubles.

Press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, said revenue in 2017, 14 million 342 thousand 661 rouble (12.8 million rubles in 2016).

Seriously improved the financial situation of the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova showed in 2016 with a modest earnings in the Kremlin – about 2.8 million. In its current Declaration the sum of 5,7 million roubles.

On the contrary, the first Deputy head of presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kirienko, which by the end of 2016 has been the leader in the Kremlin by income level (85 million 486 thousand 900 rubles), in 2017 “lost ground”, earning a 33 923 million 266 thousand rubles. However, in 2016 Kirienko worked in the Kremlin just three months, and for most of the year, he was the head of the state Corporation “Rosatom”.

Revenues in the state Duma

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in 2017, earned 51.4 million rubles. According to the annual declarations, it amounted to 10.7 million rubles less than in 2016. Then Volodin has declared 62,1 million rubles of income.

However, as reported TASS a source in the state Duma, in 2017 the speaker, as in previous years, sent half their income is 25 million 500 thousand rubles – for charity.

Owned by the speaker: house with an area of almost 1 thousand sq m, the apartment with an area of 174.3 sq. m, Parking place, two non-residential and many outbuildings, greenhouse, treatment plant, land under country house construction with a size of more than 8 thousand sq. m and 2 guest houses. Another land area of more than 1 hectares rented.

Personal vehicles Volodin no.

Member of the faction “United Russia” Oleg Bykov, received the mandate of the Deputy of the state Duma in October 2017, declared the smallest income among parliamentarians of the lower chamber is less than 1.3 million roubles.

Bykov income last year was about 1 million 268 thousand rubles. He got the powers of a Deputy 11 Oct 2017.

The lowest income for 2016 was declared last year the representative of “United Russia”, the former world champion by the world Boxing organization Dmitry Pirog – 147 thousand rubles. He as well as Bulls running in the state Duma from the beginning of the convocation (in 2016), and received a mandate in March 2017.

Member of the faction “United Russia” Grigory Anikeev has declared the highest income in 2017 among the deputies of the state Duma – more than 4.3 billion rubles.

According to the information about income and assets, last year Anikeev received income of 4 billion 311 million rubles. In 2016, the income Anikeeva, according to the Declaration amounted to 527 million. In the Declaration, the Deputy pointed out that his property is not only land area, bath, two living rooms and the same number of houses, but also two building of the CPR, the network of drainage, water network, electricity network, as well as “the road from the checkpoint on the territory of the residential complex”. At the same time as last year, Anikeev boasts of having different types of transport the helicopter type AS 350 B3, KTM motorcycle, two fishing boats, two Mercedes-Benz and one Hammer H2, all terrain HAGGLUND BV 206 Transporter and two vehicles of the medical service.

A year earlier, the highest income declared by the Deputy from “United Russia” Andrey Palkin (about 678,5 million rubles). In February 2017, he asked the court to declare him bankrupt. In 2017 the income of United Russia fell by almost 13 times, amounting to just over 50 million roubles. However, the property of MP you have available, it continues to appear, some land, a house, two apartments, two trailers, and the Russian truck “Ural 375”.

The second line of the original rating scale of income is United Russia’s Nikolai Bortsov, he declared a 1 billion 142 million rubles. A year earlier he was notified about the received 604 million rubles, and also occupied the second place in revenues, whereas Anikeev was on the third. Like a year ago, Wrestlers have the ownership of two residential houses, apartment, garage. The fleet of the Deputy, despite the income growth, poorer on-one Mersedes-Benz (2016 Bortsova have had two) and domestic SUV UAZ Patriot, however, he still owns the trailer and the tractor, other billionaires in the lower house there.

The United Russia party member Leonid Simanovsky has declared 734 million rubles, its colleague on fraction Andrey Skoch, trapped in the sanctions list of the USA, 262 million rubles; member of the Communist party faction Vladimir blocky – 200 million rubles. The member of fraction of United Russia Arkady Ponomarev pointed out that last year earned 169 million, slightly less than his colleagues in the faction of Airat Khairullina – 168 million rubles. Order 107 million received last year, Alexander A. Kiselev, also representing the “United Russia”; less than 100 million rubles earned United Russia Alexander Prokopyev (92,7 million roubles) and spravoross Alexander Remezkov (78 million rubles).

In total, 99 of the deputies representing all parliamentary factions, and one independent member or members of their families have income of 10 million rubles.

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov became the richest faction leader in the Duma, earning in 2017 of just over 6 million 333 thousand rubles. Thus, over the past year, Zyuganov earned almost 1 million rubles more than in 2016, when its revenue amounted to almost 5.5 million rubles.

Thus, according to the Declaration, over the past year, the Communist leader has not acquired a new property or car as a year ago, he drives an SUV Volkswagen Touareg, and the joint spouse ownership still listed as an apartment and a cottage.

Second place among the richest leaders of the faction and the leader got last year – the head of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. In 2017, its income amounted to 5 million 437 thousand, which is 14 times less than in 2016: then earnings Zhirinovsky was more than 79 million rubles. However, in addition to the two land plots and house in which the leader of LDPR fraction, he purchased two more houses in addition to five, was in 2016. Along with this, the ownership of Zhirinovsky are two garages, a pool, and the only car – LADA 212140.

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Sergei Neverov, who was elected to the post of head of the faction “United Russia” in October last year, closes the “top three”. His income in 2017 amounted to 4 million 670 thousand rubles – a little less than a year earlier when it earned 4 million 797 thousand Of real estate Neverov has declared only two plots of land, while in the ownership of his wife and child are home, furnace and 1/5 share of another area. Preference in vehicles the leader of the Duma United Russia all also gives the SUV VAZ 21214 (BRONTO), but the wife Neverov goes to Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser 150.

The poorest of the fractional leader for the second consecutive year, remains the head of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, who earned in 2017 4 million 498 thousand, 50 thousand less than the year before. Unlike his wife, who still owns a BMW 530d xDrive and Porsche Panamera 4S, the leader of the Duma spravorossov can boast of a rich fleet in his garage, like in the Declaration for 2016, including the ATV and trailer.

The head of the Duma Committee on energy Pavel Zavalny (“United Russia”), on the basis of Declaration campaign in 2017 remains to be the most wealthy from among the Chairpersons of the committees of the lower house of Parliament.

As follows from the data of the declarations of income and assets of parliamentarians for last year, revenue Logjam in 2017 amounted to 16 million 468,5 thousand rubles. This is slightly more than in the previous year – then the MP earned 15 million 783 thousand rubles. Logjam for the third year in a row topped the rating of the secured chairmen of the Duma committees: according to the results of Declaration campaign for 2015, he was also among his colleagues, the leader in revenue, but then they are almost two times higher than the current level, amounting to 30 million rubles.

In the ownership of the Logjam are two land plots for individual housing construction, two apartment house of five apartments and garage box. His wife, declared last year the income in 58 thousand rubles, is the owner of the land plot for individual housing construction. Logjam is the owner of two expensive cars Lexus LX 570, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and his wife owns two Mercedes-Benz.

Like last year, in second place with an income of 16 million 32 thousand rubles Chairman of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin (fraction “Fair Russia”). In comparison with previous year its income rose by about 1 million From his ownership of six land plots, two plots for individual housing construction (in common ownership), apartment, garage, outbuilding and a house (also in common ownership). The Declaration also included three children Levina, two of which declared an income of 18 cents and common property on two plots of land for individual housing construction, residential building and outbuilding. The third child has no means nor property.

One of the most modest of incomes among the heads of the committees indicated, the representative of LDPR Sergey Zhigarev. The MP, who heads the economic policy Committee, declare 4,2 million. While his wife, whose income was 26.3 million, according to published reports, is the owner of several dozen sites “for placing of objects of capital construction: private house building and its reserves.”

Revenues in the Federation Council

The income of speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has not changed and amounted in 2017, slightly more than 23 million rubles. This follows from information about income and assets, published Friday on the website of the Federation Council.

In 2016, Matviyenko income amounted to 22 million 859 thousand rubles.

The income of her husband, at the end of 2017, was also almost unchanged compared with the previous year and amounted to slightly more than 17,6 million roubles.

By 1 January 2018 in the ownership Matvienko were country land (about 3.7 m) and slope adjacent to the site, non-building land (about 2.8 m). She also owns an apartment (290 sq ft), cottage (729,4 sq m), commercial unit (255,4 sq. m.) and cars, another problem (about 730 square meters) is located in its use.

The speaker of the upper house of Parliament also belongs to Chevrolet Niva.

In the ownership of wife of Matvienko is a land area of 4 thousand square meters for construction of residential building for seasonal habitat, residential building (161,1 sq. m) and two-thirds of the share of apartments (of 215.1 sq m). Compared to the 2016 list of ownership Matvienko and her husband has not changed.

Member of the Federation Council from the Vologda area Yury Vorobyov became the most wealthy Vice-speaker of the upper house of the Parliament by year-end 2017. Income Vorobyov at the end of last year amounted to slightly more than 18 million rubles, the income of his wife has exceeded 90 million rubles.

In property Vorobyov, according to his Declaration, are three plots of land in Russia to host the homes of individual residential development, to accommodate gardening noncommercial Association, for recreational and fitness purposes, two parcels owned by his wife. In addition, sparrows owns two homes (one of them with outbuildings), Parking garage, one the house belongs to his wife.

As for the fleet, the Deputy speaker belongs to the Range Rover 448DT, Harley-Davidson XL883N and Yamaha snowmobile VK-540OE, and his second half of the Mercedes – Benz E300 4Matic and Mercedes В250Е.

Income Vice-speaker of the Federation Council in charge of the economy, Eugene bushmina at the end of last year has decreased again and amounted to 7 million 436 thousand 655 rubles, as against 9.5 million RUB in 2016 and 10.5 million RUB a year earlier. Bushmin before that two years in a row topped the rating of the most profitable Vice-speakers. The Senator also declared the income of his minor child in razmere 1.5 million rubles, the property of which is apartment with area of 72 sq. m.

On the third place in terms of income was the Deputy speaker Galina Karelova with an income slightly above 6 million. In which property is one apartment with a total area of 144 sq. m.

But most “poor” the Vice-speaker was recently came to the Federation Council and appointed Vice-speaker of the former Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak. Its revenue for year-end 2017 was 2 million 105 thousand 884 rubles. At this the declared income of the spouse of a Senator has made over the 2017 a little over 33 million.

In property Turchak are plot size 1200 sq. m. three apartments in an area of 80, 180 and 156 sq m (the last two in joint ownership with his wife) and a house size 202 sq. m. two apartments, according to the Declaration belong to two minor children of a Senator. Transportation none of the family members has not.

Reports on income and assets

The promulgation officials information about his welfare operates in Russia for more than a year. Senior civil servants and parliamentarians are obliged to report about incomes, expenditures and assets each year before 1 April (for ordinary officials the deadline is April 30), and after processing returns the information published on official websites of relevant authorities.

The presidential decree on the placing on official sites of authorities and media information about the income and assets of civil servants and members of their families was signed in 2009.

In 2013 entered into force a law under which officials and parliamentarians should report not only on income but also large expenses – each transaction for the acquisition of land, real estate, vehicles, securities and shares, if the amount exceeds the total income of the civil servant and his wife (husband) for the last three years. It is necessary to tell and about the sources of obtaining funds, through which the original purchase. In the same year a ban was imposed on the possession of officials, parliamentarians and candidates for elected office Bank accounts and financial instruments abroad. The presence of foreign real estate is permitted, but they are all subject to Declaration.