The Ministry of transport is working on retaliatory measures against the United States in the field of transport

FIND /Primorsky Krai/, April 15. /TASS/. The Ministry of transport of Russia is considering retaliatory measures against the United States in the field of transport, but not yet ready to announce them. This was reported to journalists on Sunday in Nakhodka, the Russian transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

“I’m not teasing, we’re working on it”, – told reporters the falcons.

The falcons opened the Sunday movement in the new rail Park departure at the station Nakhodka Eastern Primorsky region.

Washington 6 April imposed sanctions against seven Russian businessmen, 17 civil servants and managers of state corporations and against 12 private companies and two government agencies. Such measures were adopted in response to “malicious activity” of the Russian government. The foreign Ministry said that Russia will not leave new US sanctions without a hard response.

In the state Duma introduced a bill “On measures of exposure to (counter) the unfriendly actions of the US and (or) other foreign States”. The document, in particular, provides for the prohibition or restriction of import into Russia of agricultural products, food raw materials, tobacco, alcohol, medicines or drugs from the US and other unfriendly countries. The restrictions will not apply to drugs, analogues to which in Russia there.

Russian counter-sanctions may also include auditing and consulting companies, the share of foreign participation exceeding 25%. Moreover, companies, whose authorized capital over 25% is under the control of the United States or another state, can restrict access to the privatization of property in Russia.