State Department: Russia has assured that it will not deprive United States air carriers the right to fly in its skies

WASHINGTON, April 17. /TASS/. Russia has assured the United States that is not going to deprive us carriers the right to fly in its airspace. This was stated on Tuesday at a regular briefing for journalists the head a press-services of the Department of state Heather Nauert.

“Russia has not yet indicated whether it will extend permission to fly [air space] the American carriers. However, the Russian government declared our Embassy, when it talked to him [on this account]: “don’t panic, we are going to do nothing to harm the aviation sector of the United States”. We certainly hope that it will be. We look forward to hearing the response of the Russians, hopefully, later today,” – said the official representative of the American foreign Ministry.

“They told me. We hope that they will adhere to it. Again: nothing until canceled . Hopefully, everything will go back to the thumb groove, and the plans of the passengers and our carriers will not be disrupted, we are working on it”, – said Nauert.

According to the stated her information, the validity of permits to fly issued earlier by Moscow American airlines, expires Tuesday at 19:59 on East coast time USA (02:59 MSK medium). “Some of these commercial carriers are now taking the decision to change the routes of their flights because they are concerned about the expiration of permits,” – declared Nauert. According to her, in this regard on Tuesday at the state Department held a meeting with representatives of several American companies involved in passenger and cargo traffic through Russian airspace. “We (the US government – approx. TASS) try to help you to expedite consideration and to facilitate the decision to avoid disruption of the American space companies and the carriage of passengers; we do not want such failures and therefore try to assist in the conclusion of working arrangements”, – assured Nauert.

Transfer meetings

It claimed American officials had hoped to hold a “this week in Washington” meeting with representatives of civil aviation authorities of Russia, but Moscow canceled it. The Russians informed the Americans that “we will appoint a new date” of these consultations, continued the spokesman. “The date of this [meeting], said Nauert – we have yet.” The diplomat gave a negative answer to the question, did Russia inform US about the reason for the postponement.

Nauert said that the negotiations on the extension of permits are underway with the Russian government directly to the American airlines, the US administration in this case, only trying to support the domestic private sector. “This is a complex agreement, they are based on the agreements concluded in the 1980-ies, which, if you are not fully clothed in the form of the law,” – said the diplomat. According to her, normally, such negotiations are conducted between the U.S. and Russia on the level of the relevant Deputy assistant Secretary of state. However, this time the U.S. raised the level of involvement of the Ambassador in Moscow of Jon Huntsman, and assistant Secretary of state for economy and entrepreneurship to Manish Singh, said Nauert.

As reported earlier by news Agency Bloomberg, American airlines asked the state Department to help seek an extension of the permission to performance of flights in air space of Russia on acceptable terms. Carriers are concerned that they will have to soon amend the schedule of flights over the territory of Russia and to cancel a number of routes because of the possible increase in costs.

The immediate reason for the emergency meeting was the alleged decision of the Ministry of transport of Russia to postpone talks on the extension of permits American airlines. From the point of view from Bloomberg, Russia may use the issue of licenses to American airlines in response to new sanctions imposed by Washington against Moscow, and amid tensions in bilateral relations because of the situation in Syria