Avaudioplayer USA ordered to urgently inspect the engines of the Boeing 737

WASHINGTON, April 21. /TASS/. The Federal aviation administration (FAA), United States on Friday ordered to make an inspection of the engines installed on Boeing-737. This measure is implemented in connection with the emergency landing of an airliner Southwest Airlines due to the ignition of one of engines.

As noted in a statement released by the FAA within 20 days of ultrasonic testing should be subjected to those engines, “which was done on 30 thousand takeoffs and landings”. “According to their manufacturer, CFM International company – this checking will affect the 352 engine in the United States and 681 in other countries,” said management.

Only in the U.S. operated about 1 thousand CFM56-7B – two on each Boeing 737 and in other countries is about 6.4 thousand

Last Tuesday, the airliner Southwest Airlines landed at the airport of Philadelphia (PA) due to the fact that one of its engines ignited. Broadcasting company CNN has informed citing preliminary results of the investigation of the National Council for transport safety, States that the damage in flight, the left engine of the Boeing-737-700 occurred due to detachment of one of the blades 24 of compressor. The plane carried out flight from new York to Dallas (Texas). On Board were 144 passengers and 5 crew members.

One of the wreckage of the engine struck the window, broke it, and the hole sucked sitting next to 43-year-old passenger. It managed to involve in the salon, she died later in the hospital due to multiple injuries. Immediately after the engine fire, the plane just 5 minutes decreased from 9500 to 3000 meters and flew for another 112 km to the emergency landing.