Crimea is ready to help Syria in shipbuilding, imports of goods and rehabilitation of children

YALTA, April 21. /TASS/. The Syrian Arab Republic after the war, in dire need of industrial plants, recovery of the transportation industry, agricultural fertilizer and routes of exports and imports of goods.

Republic of Crimea is ready to offer assistance to the Syrian shipbuilding plants and other factories, sea ports and even resorts, it was announced at the Yalta international economic forum (AMEF), where previously took place the signing of the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of agriculture, industry, recreation and tourism. Discussion of the possibilities for future cooperation was the main theme of the conference “Economic development of Syria”, held on Saturday in the framework of EMEP.

Reconstruction priorities

Participation in the discussion was attended not only the Crimean authorities and Russian experts, but also representatives of the Syrian Arab Republic. “Today we are on the verge of victory over terrorism and economic revival of the country. Those who participated in this victory, should have the opportunity to participate in the reconstruction of Syria. And Russia in the beginning of the list,” said Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad.

According to the Chairman of the Union of Commerce of Syria’s fares al-shihabi, one of the priority tasks facing the country, the creation of banks, insurance companies and the enterprises with attraction of foreign capital, the recovery of energy and transport communications, organization of import of raw materials and products from Syria, as well as the supply of products and other necessary goods to the Republic from abroad. Thus, the Minister of economy and foreign trade Mohammed Samir Khalil pointed out that Syria needs medicines, vegetable oils, yarn, paper, products from plastic and glass, batteries, powdered milk and lighting equipment in the future production of these goods may recover.

“The enterprises of the Republic of Crimea can take part in rebuilding Syria in a number of areas, and this cooperation will be beneficial to both parties”, – said at the conference, the Minister of industrial policy of Crimea Andrey Vasyuta.

To repair and make

According to the trade-industrial chamber of the Russian Federation one of the areas of cooperation will be shipbuilding – now more than 2 thousand ships in need of capital and current repairs.

“The basic industry of the Crimean industry, we believe the engineering sector, the locomotive of which we believe enterprises of the military-industrial complex and the shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilding plant “Zaliv” – the unique enterprise for Russia carries out construction of vessels of any class and purpose, ready to build tankers and dry cargo ships of any class and tonnage. The “Sea”, located in the town of Feodosiya, today the company is ready to begin construction in the interests of the Syrian partners of fishing vessels and ships for military-technical cooperation”, – said Vasyuta.

He added that cooperation is possible in other industries. “A large segment of our industry make up the chemical enterprise. Crimean enterprises are ready to use phosphate mined in the Syrian Arab Republic that will create a considerable flow of goods,” cited the example of the Minister.

The Minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea Vadim Volchenko added that the region is ready to accept the Syrian residents of the rehabilitation. Including options for children include a trip to the international children’s center “Artek”.

The shortest way

In Crimea currently, there are several ports, the main of which are located in Feodosiya, Evpatoria and Yalta. “The transport route of the Russian Crimea to Syria the shortest route and I hope that it will boost [the turnover],” he said in his speech Vasyuta.

Vice-President of the chamber of Commerce, Vladimir Padalko, said that now organises the supply of food and flour from Russia to Syria, and back – fruits and dried fruits, are prepared for the supply of vehicles and equipment. While the main Russian port for communication with Syria is Novorossiysk.

Permanent representative of the Republic of Crimea under the RF President, the Vice-Premier of the region Georgy Muradov said that in the Crimea can be created grain hub for grain exports to Syria and held a large number of flows. And with the opening of this year’s automotive service between Crimea and the rest of Russia, the ports of Crimea may purchase value for the entire country. “All those trade flows, which were mentioned earlier, all the products that are made in Syria products manufactured in the Crimea – all this can acquire the character of a permanent transport lines,” he said.

Muradov also noted that in the future possible resumption of passenger service between Syria and the Crimea.

Search partners

The Minister of economic development of the Crimea Natalia Chaban, speaking at the conference, stressed that the Crimea can be “not only a bridge between Russia and Syria.” Now the Republic has positioned itself as a place where it is profitable to work with Russian companies (including at the expense of the Free economic zone, involving a number of exemptions for residents), as well as a reliable platform for international cooperation.

“[Crimea] to become the basis for the formation of a reliable infrastructure that can be shared. For example, can become a platform for cooperation of Syria] with Germany – Germany offers to contribute to the development of the SAR. Accordingly, [the Crimea] to be a reliable basis for other countries who can work with Syria”, – assured the Minister.

Chapter Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, said that successful was the experience of representatives of the region and Syria at the Yalta forum. In the framework of the signed Memorandum on AMAP with the Syrian Arab Republic is scheduled to sign agreements worth more than 60 billion rubles, including in such areas as agriculture, industry, recreation and tourism.

As Chairman of the Committee AMAP and the Russian public organization “Business Russia” Andrei Nazarov, voicing the draft Declaration of the conference, noted that it was proposed to create working groups which will be responsible for various areas of cooperation and to meet not less frequently than quarterly, and annually offer the forum to hold their General meeting and to summarize the work.

“Talking about the reconstruction of Syria, where costs are up to 200-400 billion. And, of course, for Russian companies that wish to invest in Syria for several decades. And this niche is occupied by Russia, Crimea, AMAP, – it is invaluable”, – said Nazarov told reporters.

On the forum

Fourth international Yalta economic forum was held from 19 to 21 April. His main theme – “the Future of the world. The Future Of Russia”. TASS acts as the strategic partner and the official host photo Agency forum.