Titov called inappropriate privatization program in the current environment in Russia

YALTA, April 21. /TASS/. The program of privatization of Federal property in the conditions when partially closed to foreign capital and find investors in Russia is difficult, impractical. That opinion has been shared with TASS business Ombudsman Boris Titov on the sidelines of the Yalta international economic forum (AMEF).

“The program of privatization, I think that there is no (reasonable approx. TASS). These kinds of investments inside the country to find, of course, more complicated. We at privatization should be guided by foreign capital. While foreign capital virtually closed – this applies to Western and Eastern,” said he, tapping the relevant item.

Titov also noted that all the basic programs may not give results, in terms of money.

“The question is that the program of privatization in our country should not go on top as we seem to be a program of privatization: to sell “Gazprom”, “Rosneft” and large companies. Privatization must come from below. We have a huge amount of property from MUP, Federal state unitary enterprise that are absolutely not able to manage, bankrupt, debts are enormous. It is necessary to start from the bottom, sell all junk, and not even for money, to sell the infrastructure,” – said Titov.

4th AMAF takes place April 19-21. His main theme – “the Future of the world. The Future Of Russia”. TASS acts as the strategic partner and the official host photo Agency forum.