Manturov does not rule out the purchase of shares in Deripaska’s “RUSAL” government

MOSCOW, April 24. /TASS/. The purchase of government shares to Oleg Deripaska’s “RUSAL” is possible, but the subject matter has not been discussed, told journalists the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

“I think that is not excluded, but there were no substantive discussions on this matter has not been,” – said Manturov in response to the question about the possibility of redemption of shares of Deripaska’s state-owned banks or state-owned companies.

On the eve of the U.S. Treasury, including in early April, Deripaska and-controlled companies in the sanctions list, said that the restrictions on cooperation with RUSAL may be withdrawn subject to the waiver of a businessman from the control of the company. Shortly before the government announced its intention to help sanctioned companies.

The U.S. announcement of a possible waiver of sanctions on RUSAL, which has fallen off the capitalization of the company, led to the rise of shares of “RUSAL” at 43% on the Hong Kong stock exchange on Tuesday.

In the sanctions list USA, published on 6 April, in addition to “RUSAL”, were just a few companies associated with Mr Deripaska: holding Basic element and En+ group, “GAZ Group”, the investment company B-Finance, agricultural holding “Kuban”, “the EuroSibEnergo” and the holding “Russian machines”.

The assets of companies that are subject to restrictions in the U.S. are frozen. Initially, American investors have been given the order before may 7 to get rid of stock and bonds of En+, GAS, and RUSAL, and before 5 June to break contracts with all companies mentioned in the list. On the eve of the USA have extended the deadline for the completion of transactions with RUSAL and its institutions until 23 October.