Putin called the U.S. sanctions against “RUSAL” economic raiding

MOSCOW, April 24. /TASS/. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called US sanctions against “RUSAL” economic raiding.

“We continue to believe that these sanctions are illegal, we believe that in relation to a particular company [that is] in fact the actions, comparable to economic raiding”, – said Peskov told reporters, commenting on the fact that the US can lift sanctions against “Rusala” if its owner Oleg Deripaska will reject the part of the company’s assets and control over it.

“I would have been very reticent [in the ratings], because these statements[about the possible lifting of sanctions on RUSAL] are hypothetical in nature. It is obvious that this decision is quite hurts the consumers on different continents, and it is quite obvious that these consumers wonder why should they incur losses, experience extreme difficulties,” – said Peskov.

A Kremlin spokesman said that “while it is difficult to judge how valid and consistent in its approach, our American counterparts”. He added that Washington is coming “a lot of provocative actions and provocative statements”. “Therefore, I would like to remain restrained. It [the U.S.] does not give rise to any evaluations – positive or negative. The overall situation leaves much to be desired”, – he concluded.

Merkel and macron

Peskov said that the President of France Emmanuel macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a recent phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin had not raised the subject of reducing the impact of the us sanctions against “RUSAL”.

The representative of the Kremlin said: “But we know that this issue has also raised many business structures.”

Sands drew attention to the fact that issues related to activities of RUSAL, deals with the government and left unanswered the question whether the head of the company Oleg Deripaska to the authorities asking for assistance in the payment of staff salaries.

Press Secretary of the head of state noted that Moscow has not voiced response to a new package of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the US. “The decision will be taken by the President in the first place based on our own interests,” he said. Peskov also didn’t give an answer to the question of whether the US about a possible easing of sanctions against “RUSAL” lead to mitigation response actions of the Russian Federation.

“We don’t yet understand the position [of Washington], nobody said that the sanctions will be removed from the company if there is something, then something. Such a formulation no one used. It says: “Sanctions can be lifted”. But they can not be removed. Since a lot of controversy now comes from Washington, there’s affirmative conclusions is hardly possible”, – explained the representative of the Kremlin.