Experts: first failure with the flying drones will not affect the outflow of investors in this area

MOSCOW, April 25. /Offset. Julia Ermilova TASS/. The first not entirely successful launches of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will not frighten the investors, and the development of drones and the operating system will continue to evolve. This opinion was expressed by TASS, the Metropolitan experts, businessmen and officials.

The reason for these discussions was the recent case in the beginning of April 2018 in a test run in Buryatia fell a drone designed for “Mail of Russia”. The UAV soared and then fell, crashing into a building. The unit itself was tested as the primary experiment for the delivery of mail in the air unmanned method.

The head of the Technopolis “Moscow” and head of the eponymous special economic zone (SEZ) of the capital Igor Ishchenko believes that the case of a falling drone is not a reason for fear.

“The case of a falling drone of “Mail of Russia” nobody’s scared – the introduction of new technologies rarely runs smoothly and everyone understands this. Now in Technopolis “Moscow” operates two companies that develop UAVs for civil and military purposes. And today we create for our residents all the necessary conditions for work” – said Ishchenko.

According to him, in the capital of Technopolis “Moscow” has everything you need for testing drones from space. For example, part of the test UAV, is held in one of the buildings of Technopolis.

The outflow of investment will not be

In the opinion of the chief Executive officer of the company-developer of software for UAVs “M-the industries” Mikhail Lipatov, first failure with drones should not affect the outflow of investors in this area.

“I believe that the situation [with a falling drone] should not affect the outflow of investors. This area is only now being created. In General, the use of drones is very convenient for Moscow, our company, “sharpened” under the capital market. For example, our operating system for drones could use architects for measurement of buildings and the subsequent creation of a 3D model, which is very convenient for the city, doesn’t have to travel, for example, from Textile workers in the Warm camp. All measurements can be done with the help of UAVs,” explains Jordan.

Work with the drones.

According to the Director General of the capital of the developer company drone “Copter Express Technologies” Oleg Panfilenko, which began the work of “Mail of Russia” with drones is only a plus .

“Very well, “Mail of Russia” three years later, the conversations really started testing drones. We sincerely hope that the “Mail of Russia” this case is also not scared and that they will continue to develop this theme”, – stressed Ponfilenok.

The plans of the developer in the future to sell drones around the world, not just Russia.

“Of course, we hope that customers will use our drones and in Moscow itself. Now we make flying drones on the territory of Technopolis “Moscow” and showing our projects to clients. As well as this summer starts to begin our test project with the Moscow rescuers in the water, during which with the help of our drones will monitor Borisov ponds” – told about future plans Ponfilenok.

As reported TASS in the Moscow Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship, Moscow city government are interested in further developing projects on unmanned aerial vehicles.

“In Moscow, including in the industrial parks of the city is concentrated nearly 20 projects on drones (cargo drones-collectors and drones to carriers flying motorcycles). In fact, these projects are a step towards the creation of a new layer of urban transport infrastructure and unmanned air transport”, – noted in Department.

However, according to Department staff, there are a few major challenges. Not worked out the regulatory framework for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles. In addition,the Moscow infrastructure is not yet suited for mass transportation of goods by unmanned vehicles. In addition, most UAVs are still under testing and should receive the relevant documentation to work in urban environments.

Risks should be excluded

As reported TASS, the company’s founder ADA Aerospace (developer of its own UAV and integrated solutions for them) Alexander Milevsky, most importantly, for investors and developers alike, is to eliminate in the future the situation associated with the fall of the UAV.

“In order to prevent such risks, large companies should pay attention to serious developers drones in addition to their own unique solutions to practice an integrated approach with a guaranteed result. And to bring to such a serious area avialyubiteley simple, small startups, or teams without the relevant competencies at least impractical, bad for the industry and dangerous to others”, – expressed his opinion Milevsky.