Putin promised to personally evaluate the first Russian electric car on solar batteries

ST. PETERSBURG, April 26. /Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to personally assess the first Russian electric car on solar batteries. The car head of state was shown during a visit to Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Project managers reported that they intend to take part in the competition in Sochi, where you can see all the features of the car .

“My Sochi will be a meeting with the military, Ministry of defence. Maybe I’ll stop by you’ll see”, – said Putin.

According to the developers, the feature of the electric SOL is that it can be recharged in the course of the movement, solar cells installed on the roof of the car.

Petersburg specialists have promised President Putin to release the domestic electric car, which will exceed foreign analogues.

Rector of St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University Peter the Great Andrey rudskoy showed the head of state latest developments of the laboratory of lightweight materials and structures. In particular, the presented technology for the production of electric vehicles.

“We have in the past tried to do an electric car. In my opinion, not very successful”, – said Putin.

“We will do! And what did we win? That we used the, we used intelligent double digital, the fact that we used the elements of bionic design”, – said the rector.

In addition, the Armenian President assured that the weight and other parameters of a domestic electric will be much better than their Western counterparts. “We have already launched. Cooperation will do. At different points, including in Finland”, – he added.