Putin: the new Cabinet will implement a program of construction of campuses

ST. PETERSBURG, April 26. /TASS/. In the Russian Federation should implement the program of construction of modern dormitories, it will be the task of the new Cabinet. This was stated on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the XI Congress of the Russian Union of rectors.

“To have talented and motivated young people – regardless of their place of residence, parental income – opportunities for higher education offered in the country to implement an additional program of construction of student hostels, we will need to make sure to do”, – Putin said, stressing that we are talking about the construction of “comfortable and modern campuses”.

“And the new government together with the regions, universities will need to deeply and thoroughly consider all aspects of the programme,” the President added, noting that the new government will have to find the implementation of this tool.

Putin also pointed to the necessity of introduction of modern approaches to the formation of a unified educational space, noting that young people should have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills from different areas. “And for this we need to remove the boundaries between the different levels of the education system, that is: a gifted student, for example, will be able to pass University the program, to participate in research alongside graduate students, and the College student to master courses in applied baccalaureate”, – said Putin.

As an example the President cited how this work built one of the members of the Congress, academician Zhores Alferov Academic University. “Zhores Ivanovich, welcome to You! You nailed that, right here are jealous!”, – Putin addressed Alferov.

The President stressed that in the coming years will significantly increase the level of all domestic education, to improve programs and increase the qualifications of teachers. “I hope that universities will take an active part in this large-scale work,” – said the head of state.