In the Russian Union of motor insurers has passed seizure of documents

MOSCOW, April 27. /TASS/. The interior Ministry has seized documents in the office of the Russian Union of insurers (RAMI) at the conclusion of one of the assets left the market in 2017 of the insurance companies, the message of the RSA.

“Today was the seizure of documents gubep, RAMI’s question on excitation of criminal case by one of the insurance companies left the market in 2017. Activities of RSA are not affected. Seizure of documents concerned the withdrawal of assets by the insurer and is not restricted to the issues of insurance”, – said the representative of the Union.

According to the source TASS in the insurance market, seizure related to a number of companies, one of them – “the Sentinel”. Documents were seized at two companies, said another source TASS, close to RSA, without specifying their names. Recess didn’t affect the investigation in the case of embezzlement against the former Vice-President of Rosgosstrakh Sergey Khachaturov, says the interlocutor of the Agency.

Preliminary examination was initiated by the Central Bank, but the criminal case has not yet been filed, says one of the interlocutors of the Agency. According to him, all check company connected with Depositary “Vertical”, the seizure of documents was also about his activities.

Ryazan insurer MSK “Guardian” has lost the licence on 30 November 2017, he previously served in 14th place in the CTP market in the country. Loss compensation Fund PCA on payments for obligations of the “Guard” was evaluated as one of the largest in the history of insurance: from 1.6-1.9 billion rubles (assessment of RSA in December 2017) to 3 billion (estimates of the Central Bank in December).

Compensation Fund PCA exists for payments for insurance policies of insurance companies that went bankrupt or lost their licenses. CTP insurers deduct in RSA 3% of charges on auto insurance.