State support of agriculture in Dagestan will increase to 3 billion in 2018

MAKHACHKALA, April 26. /TASS/. More than 3 billion rubles will be allocated for support of agro-industrial complex of Dagestan this year that 267 million more than last year, said on Thursday Deputy Minister of agriculture and food of the Republic Shamil Aliyev on the expanded Board of the Ministry.

“In 2017 to support the agroindustrial complex of the Republic has allocated 2 billion 748 million roubles of budgetary funds. For 2018, to allocate budgetary funds in the amount of 3 billion 13 million rubles. In General, the state support will increase to 267 million rubles, or 9.7 %. It is the result of joint work of the government of Dagestan, experts of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic and the Ministry of agriculture of Russia”, – Aliyev said.

According to him, agriculture makes a significant contribution to the revenues of the Republican budget. “In 2017, generated a revenue of 5 billion 655 million roubles, including on agriculture – 668 million rubles, the food processing industry is 4 billion and 986 million rubles, of which excise duties of 2.90 billion rubles,” – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture of the region.

He said that in the Republic the number of farms exceeds 870, of which more than 820 profitable. In addition, in the region of 17 thousand (peasant) farms and about 485 thousand personal subsidiary farms of the population.

The industry system

“The agricultural sector of the economy is a system largely determines the state of the national economy and socio-economic level of the majority of the population. The share of agriculture in gross regional product is 16.5%. It employs up to 30% of the economically active population and concentrated 12% of the basic production assets”, – said Aliyev.

In Dagestan, as noted by the Deputy Minister, concentrated 21.3% of the Russian livestock of sheep and goats, 5,% of cattle, 8.3% of vegetables, about a third of domestically produced grapes, 4.4% of the fruit, 25,4% wool.

“In 2017, the production volume of gross agricultural output in farms of all categories amounted to 123,1 billion rubles, including in crop – 57,6 billion roubles in animal husbandry is 65.5 billion rubles. It is the result of painstaking daily work of workers of village”, – said Shamil Aliyev.