The Vologda deputies proposed to develop the digitalization of subsidizing mobile operators

VOLOGDA, April 27. /TASS/. Parliamentarians of the Vologda oblast suggested to allocate subsidies to mobile operators to solve the digital divide, to ensure that cell phones and the Internet hinterland, Chairman of the Vologda legislative Assembly Andrey Lutsenko following the discussion at the meeting of the legislative Council in Saint-Petersburg.

“The Board of legislators today raised the issue of digital inequality, the stability of the signal along Federal routes, communication between settlements where lives less than 250 people, most of the regions prepared their proposals, including the Vologda region, some of them maintained,” – said Lutsenko following the meeting on Friday.

In particular, he said, Vologda parliamentarians proposed to allocate annual subsidies for the development of communication in the regions, which could partially offset the costs of operators of cellular communication in the development of the telecommunications infrastructure in small settlements, on a sustainable signal on the regional and municipal roads.

According to the regional government, now 94% of the population of the region, including settlements with a population of more than 250 people are provided with cellular communications. The high-speed Internet access are 88% of the population, the Federal highway covered by the signal of 94%.