Apple may 2020 glasses to be virtual and augmented reality

WASHINGTON, April 28. /TASS/. Apple began work on the creation of electronic points simultaneously with the application of technologies of virtual and augmented reality (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, AR/VR), the product can be presented in 2020. This is with reference to its sources informed on Friday, CNET.

According to him, CEO Tim cook is convinced that augmented reality technology in the future will play an important role in the electronics market. She already submitted in the latest to date, the tenth model of the iPhone – iPhone X. the bottom line is that unlike virtual reality that the user sees only the image drawn by the computer, AR allows you to combine real image with graphic elements. For example, when using the camera on the new iPhone appear on the screen dinosaurs or robots interacting in the frame and real objects.

Similar technology on its early stages was also used in the recently very popular game for phone Pokemon GO when using the camera, players need to look for small animals to then catch them.

However, AR is still developing and it is limited by the capabilities of smartphones. A source at Apple says that the glasses will be embedded with two display with a resolution of 8K, which is higher than the most expensive TVs.

They will connect to the hardware unit via a wireless connection, operating at short range. The block itself will get a new processor, its power will exceed all existing analogues. Another important difference from the current competitors – the user does not have to arrange the room the camera that determine its position in space. Now, for example, this is how gaming virtual glasses Vive from HTC.

But while the project is under code Т288 rather is at the stage of planning, a lot can change. To the extent that Apple even refuse this idea. To date, we cannot say that the virtual reality glasses made a revolution in the market. In addition to Vive in this segment are also sold glasses Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, in which the role display plays the smartphone. They are used primarily in the gaming industry, and also in the implementation of multimedia projects, for example, in museums.