Medvedev: Russia should learn from US hard pragmatism in the protection of economic interests

MOSCOW, April 28. /TASS/. Russia should learn from US hard pragmatism in protecting their economic interests. This opinion was expressed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview in the program “Vesti on Saturday” on TV channel “Russia 1”. Speaking about new U.S. sanctions against Russia, the Prime Minister noted that they are essentially protectionist measures.

“Americans have always behaved that way, they are even pushing someone’s political conditions as will protect its market and tried to promote the economic agenda. They could us some roll out issues of a political, humanitarian order and then said, we have economic interests, including in Russia, you do not touch them, – he stressed. – Yes, and it’s like a completely separate story, there is nothing you can not do, in that sense, it’s absolutely rigid American pragmatism”.

“Something, by the way, we even need to learn, but this does not mean that we agree,” said Medvedev, noting that “naturally, such actions will be resisted”.

Speaking about the first, largely, according to him, the emotional reaction of financial markets to new U.S. sanctions, the Prime Minister noted that “the emotional reaction does not mean that there are some fundamental problems”. “Of course, such actions had an impact on our stock market, the foreign exchange market, but now everything has calmed down, because it was not, we immediately said, there are no fundamental reasons. We have achieved a high degree of stability of the economy, but this does not mean that we welcome such decisions”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

He also called the recent US sanctions disgrace and “simple rudeness”. Medvedev noted that many of the companies falling under these measures, “very large, some even provide the first-the second places in the world in separate positions, for example, the same aluminum”.

“So the Americans are protecting their market, this is called protectionism. They fight with the Chinese, they are fighting against Europeans, and they sauce the fact that Russian badly behaved, fighting with us. They have introduced against Russian companies some personal sanctions. I think it’s just unfair competition”, – concluded Medvedev.

Responsible for the execution of citizens of the Russian Federation of U.S. sanctions

Administrative or criminal liability should be introduced in Russia for the performance in Russia of U.S. sanctions, said Dmitry Medvedev.

“All these sanctions are absolutely rigidly directed against the interests of our country overtones. They are, in fact, aimed at the destruction of our socio-political system and caused harm to the economy and to individuals. If so, then the execution of these sanctions for the citizens of our country should be an offence. No one has the right to enforce these U.S. sanctions under penalty of administrative or criminal liability,” he said.

The Prime Minister noted that in the United States “execution of decisions of the foreign state which causes the damage to the American government, is regarded as a crime.”

Medvedev has reminded that the bill on the response to new U.S. sanctions now being discussed in the state Duma, and the government is preparing a review on it. He noted that, in response to American actions, “in no case can not hurt themselves, we have to be pragmatic, even if we are angry that, while they behave, again, rude, still can not hurt themselves.” According to the Chairman of the Cabinet, there is no need to make decisions immediately in units of sectors, “in any case, it still must be in law Packed in the decision of the President and the government, even if the law has something relevant provisions, they should not have automatic application.”

“The response must be either symmetric or asymmetric, but it needs to be sensitive enough. Why simply, so to speak, bite, if it may lead to nothing? It still needs to be sensitive measures. Therefore, it is necessary once again to weigh and discuss,” added the Prime Minister.

At the same time, Medvedev stressed, “the bill must contain rules that on behalf of the President, or the President, or the government is entitled to impose individual sanctions in relation to any legal or physical entity – resident of the United States of America.”

“And in this sense we then do absolutely symmetrical: they make a decision in respect of our individuals simply because they don’t like someone – and we have such a right should be. Some company they didn’t like – and we have such a right ought to be,” he explained.

To help companies

Speaking about what assistance will be provided by major Russian companies affected by sanctions, Medvedev assured that the government will “support first of all the production units, the companies” to preserve jobs.

“To the people who work at these companies – and the tens and tens of thousands of people across our country, if we take this new sanctions list – not lost jobs to be saved were the jobs that these companies developed. In this logic of support,” – said the head of the Cabinet.

Responses Russia

The abolition of Russian counter-sanctions until the termination of the restrictive measures against Russia impossible, said the Prime Minister. On the question of the presenter Sergei BRILYOV, whether to keep the existing counter-sanctions, Medvedev said: “Yes, undoubtedly”. “Of course, continues, because recently, our partners in the European Union and the Americans once again extended the decisions that were previously taken,” he added.

Responding to the remark of the journalist that some countries have periodically hinted of readiness to take restrictive measures, if Moscow will cancel its first counter-sanctions, Medvedev said: “No, it’s impossible to do.”

“It’s impossible to do, because here, of course, needs to be reciprocity. I’m not saying that the sanctions-related closure of a number of food flows from Europe, was greeted with applause by our farmers,” – said the Prime Minister.

He recalled that the farmers “all the time asking to extend (sanctions), repeatedly asked and requested.” “And this is, in fact, ensured our food security. In fact, the record harvests we collect those yields, that is, those indicators of livestock, crops that we have, they are all connected with return restrictions,” – said the Prime Minister.

Life under sanctions

The policy of containment of Russia in the world will continue, we have to adapt, said Dmitry Medvedev.

“This situation has led greatly to a rethinking of our understanding of Russia’s place in the world . First, the policy of restriction of Russia, the policy to contain Russia, is strategic, and our partners in the international community and then it will hold regardless of the name of our country. In relation to the Russian Empire tried to do it, and against the Soviet Union many times, and against our country. So we have to adapt to it”, – he said.

Medvedev added that the measures of import substitution, the development of economy, improvement of social institutions are “the only response; the alternative does not exist.” “That’s why we will continue to assume that sanctions will remain for a sufficiently long period, especially if we talk about the latest sanctions law,” he said.

Speaking about the new package of sanctions, Medvedev pointed out that “Americans are not just accepted it, pushed through a Parliament, through Congress, they are still hands and feet tied the President – and the present and the future, wrapped him in swaddling clothes, that he, God forbid, did not cancel anti-Russian sanctions”. “Therefore, this hypothesis should apply to our economic development for decades to come,” said the Prime Minister.

He added that such moves to what is good lead, “this for us is a loss for the Europeans losses, less so for Americans the loss, because the volume of trade with them is small, but also a certain loss”. In addition, the Prime Minister is confident that this “will impact on our development for many years”. “But most importantly, we realize that we have developed tools to react to this kind of exposure. We have passed the stress test, we survived it, the economy is living, the social sphere develops,” concluded Medvedev.