NPF group “Opening” showed negative returns in 2017

MOSCOW, April 28. /TASS/. Four non-governmental pension Fund at the end of 2017 showed negative returns from investing pension savings, according to data of the Central Bank.

Including three NPF group reorganized Bank “Opening”: “Power” (the yield minus 1.7 percent), CSG (yield minus 2.86 percent), “LUKOIL-Garant” (minus yield of 5.26%). Negative yielding 2.01% has shown NPF “the Future” Boris mints.

The highest on the market yield of 11.16% was shown NPF “Almaznaya osen”, with 3.5 billion rubles of pension savings. The biggest market NPF “savings” showed a yield of 8.7%, “Safmar” – 2,98%, “VTB Pension Fund” of 9.02%, “Gazfond Pension savings” – at 9.53%, “Consent – OPS” – 8,31%.

The average yield on the pension savings in the market of NPFs amounted to 3.8% with inflation of 2.5%, said the Central Bank.

The yield from investing the pension savings of “the silent ones”, whose funds are managed by the state management company – VEB, in 2017, made up 8.59%, reported earlier TASS.