“B” had died the owner of the network re:Store and LEGO Georgy gens

MOSCOW, April 30. /TASS/. The main shareholder of the group of companies “LANIT” (it includes Inventive Retail Group, manages a network re:Store, Samsung, LEGO) Georgy gens died. About it writes on Monday, “Kommersant”.

Information publication confirmed the Vice-President, managing Director of “Lanita” Vladimir Mushrooms.

Clarifies that gens died Monday morning in Kamchatka, where he went mountain skiing. The preliminary cause of death the doctors called the come-off blood clot.

Mushrooms told “Kommersant” that the company is preparing a statement on the situation.

IT-holding “Cheeks” founded in 1989, brings together companies in the field of system and network integration, IT distribution, consulting, outsourcing, development software. 100% owner of “LANIT” was Georgy gens.

Forbes included George gens among the 200 richest businessmen of Russia. His fortune is estimated at $700 million.