In Russia changed the procedure of the inspection

4 may in Russia come into force amendments to the legislation to change the procedure of technical inspection of cars.

Relevant Federal law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 23.

The document notes that one of the principles of inspection is now the responsibility of operators of technical inspection for the issuance of a diagnostic card. It contains the conclusion about possibility of operation of the vehicle if it does not meet safety requirements.

The law also specifies the list of powers of bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation in the field of inspection. These authorities have the right to set a limit on the fee for the inspection and control compliance. The same applies to the fee for the issuance of a duplicate of a diagnostic card.

Earlier, in February, entered into force a government decree toughening rules of inspection. In particular, the decree prohibits drive, defective power steering, do not install on headlight colorless or colored optical components and films, remove the wipers and washers provided by the manufacturer, etc.