The French authorities have declared that do not intend to pay the debts of Air France

PARIS, may 6. /TASS/. The French government does not intend to assume payments for the debts of crisis-ridden airline Air France-KLM, considering the restructuring of the company the responsibility of its leadership. This was stated Sunday by the Minister of economy of the Republic of Bruno Le Mayor, commenting on the resignation of the head of Air France due to the ongoing strike of employees of the company.

“The government does not exist to clean up your debts, coming to the aid of companies that do not take the necessary efforts in order to be competitive,” he said, speaking on the TV channel BFMTV.

In this Le the Mayor emphasized that, in his opinion, the former management of Air France hit upon the right trajectory for the withdrawal of companies from crisis, but the implementation of these plans was prevented by the conflict between the Board of Directors and employees, who demanded indexation frozen six years ago salary. “The company was moving in the right direction. I appeal to all technical staff, ground staff, pilots, involving unjustified increase in wages, show responsibility, we are talking now about the survival of Air France”, – said the Minister.

On Friday it became known that the head of Air France-KLM Jean-Marc of Janaac resigned due to the inability to negotiate with the profosoyuzov on the question of rates of wages of the staff. The conflict at Air France began last year, when unions demanded a salary increase of 6%, citing the fact that salaries have been frozen for the last six years. In response, the company management has proposed a fee increase of only 1%, and in April 2018 was put forward a new plan that was supposed to increase salaries by 7% over four years and involving the payment of individual awards.

This plan was voted on by the employees on 26 April. It ended Friday – the project was rejected by 55.4% of voters participate in vote 80,33% of eligible staff. Janaac served as President – CEO of Air France July 2016. 65-year-old Manager said in advance that he would resign if put forward by the management plan of raising wages is rejected by the workers.

Speaking about a possible successor Janaica, economy Minister Bruno Le Mayor on Sunday stressed that the main task of the new head of the Air France is to find a compromise in the conflict with the trade unions. “Action plan for the future of the CEO is clear: the restoration of dialogue with employees is an absolute priority, restore competitiveness – the second goal,” said the Minister.