In the capital operator “Plato” became new shareholders

MOSCOW, may 7. /TASS/. General Director of “RT-invest the Transport System” (RTAS, co-owner operator of “Plato”) Anton Castles became owner of 7.5% of the share capital of the company, told TASS in RTAS.

Another 19% of the share capital of the company purchased by the General Director of JSC “RT-invest” (enters into state Corporation “rostec”) Andrey Shipilov.

As explained in the company, one of the factors contributing to the decision to sell part of the shares program is to increase business efficiency by enhancing the involvement of management, including by using option mechanisms. According to Anton castle that appears in the message, a step that increases its motivation not only as a leader but as a partner.

“Today, the company is implementing a strategic development plan. We have created unique solutions in the field of transport telematics, which has high export potential. In this direction the business has great prospects,” – said in a statement the businessman Igor Rotenberg, one of the shareholders RTAS.

Andrew Shipilov noted that the acquisition of own shares in RTAS is associated with a high potential for technological development of the company. “Russian technologies developed in the framework of the project of the state system “Platon”, become the basis for the digital platform of the Internet of things. They were the successful introduction of transport telematics in the field of control over the movement of waste and have demand in different areas,” he explained in a statement.

As noted in RTAS, the share of JSC “RT-invest” remains at 50%. Igor Rotenberg, previously owned 50% of the RTAS, has retained a share of 23.5% of the company.

The “Plato”

“Plato” is a state payment on account of compensation of harm, caused to the automobile roads of General use of Federal value by vehicles weighing more than 12 tons. Introduced in Russia from November 15, 2015.