Medvedev: government will not leave the regions, which is difficult to increase the minimum wage to a living wage

MOSCOW, may 8. /TASS/. The government will no longer provide financial aid to the regions, which is difficult to allocate funds to increase the minimum wage to the subsistence level. This was stated by the acting Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev asked the state Duma to deputies ‘ questions.

“Indeed, some of them [regions] do not have the necessary number of sources of income, one way or another we are forced to help, especially to those regions that are already heavily burdened with debt, Medvedev said. – We are in this situation, of course, regions are not left behind. The government has already decided to support the regions in this area. To compensate regional expenses on these purposes are already decided – we would like to inform you and those who do not remember about it, about the allocation of 36 billion rubles.”

An important task Medvedev said improving the economic viability of the Federation and assured the parliamentarians that this problem will be solved but this will require joint efforts. In particular, it is necessary to create new sources of development of regions and to saturate the economy of subjects of Federation additional features, including redistribution, if necessary, tax sources, he said.

The minimum wage in Russia since may 1 rose to 11 163 thousand rubles, and for the first time in history on par with the cost of living.