In Moscow has earned the service short-term rental of Segways

MOSCOW, may 18. /TASS/. First service short-term rental of Segways – “Elisavet” – earned in Moscow. Its applications appeared in Friday in the App Store and Google Play.

According to the application, for city dwellers, available 1650 Segways which you can take on one of 25 rental stations in the city center and outside the Third transport ring. In the city centre fixed rentals, in other areas – vans-trailers. Discovered a system of rental Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the project operator was “car sharing Russiya” – “Telemobil”.

“If someone had told me 10 years ago that in Moscow there will be car sharing, I would have thought it was fantastic. And if I was told that in Moscow there will be Bicycle electric scooters, I would have thought that it was a bad joke. But now we see the city and electric bikes, simple bikes that are in the city to rent, and car sharing. And today, thanks to investors there is a first rental of Segways. Not many cities in the world it is made only in units. We can say that Moscow is almost a leader in this area and I hope that everything will turn out great, as with car sharing, which develops rapidly”, – said Sobyanin.

The founder of “Dailymobile” Vincenzo Trani noted that the company is a very important project. “Until the end of 2019, the Park will be recharged for 16 thousand scooters. And we want the population of the city was convenient for them to get there. They work very simple,” said Trani.

Sobyanin thanked Trani for a successful project and handed the gratitude of the mayor of Moscow for contribution to the development of urban transport in the capital. As noted in the press service of the city hall until the end of 2018 it is planned to increase the fleet of Segways in Moscow to 1 million units, and in the future – up to 15 thousand additionally, the city Council is counting on the emergence of the city and other operators of rental Segways.

About the service

The pilot project “Elisavet” is a system of short-term rentals of Segways, said at city hall. Such projects are only in the few cities in the US, Germany and Singapore.

Rent Segways, Moscow residents will be able to comfortably and quickly move around the city, mostly for short distances – up to 5 kilometers, while not wasting time and energy on purchase, storage and transportation of scooters.

An electric skateboard allows you to reach the speed of 20 kilometers per hour and a single charge lasts an average of 15-20 miles of travel.

To use an electric skateboard to citizens does not require special skills and a driver’s license, do not need special equipment, though users are advised to wear a helmet. An important advantage of the service is its environmental friendliness.

The service will operate daily from 7:00 to 23:00. An electric skateboard can be rented in two tariff plans: tariff “Hour”, which would cost 100 rubles; and at the rate of “Day”, which cost 450 rubles. Payment will be automatically attached to the personal account card.

Customer service can be any Russian citizen above 18 years of age residing in the territory of the Russian Federation. Foreign citizens can also use the service by agreement with the company. In order to use the service, you must register on the website or download the mobile app “Elisavet”. When registering you will need to make to the form data of the user and attach the passport photo and selfie with a passport.

Customers of the car sharing service “Dailymobile” (more than 600 thousand people) can use the service “Elisavet” in Moscow without registration.

After registering via the mobile app searches for your nearest free scooters, displays its location in the city, including the address, the number of available scooters, and a route to it. You have 20 free minutes to get to the point of issuance. In place will need to provide the booking code and identity documents. And for the convenience and information of citizens on every point of hire employees “Elisavet”.

Area of use of scooters – the whole of Moscow, however they can not travel on the road. Considering the developing speed of the Segways in coordination with traffic police are equal to bicycles, according to the SDA so they can move to the rightmost row, on dedicated lanes, bike and bike and foot paths by the roadside, on the sidewalk or pedestrian walkway in cases where there is no other possibility, illustrated in the materials of the city hall.

To charge the scooter, you can use a regular outlet to 220 volts or take the charger to rent in the rental. To return the scooter at the end of the trip the user can at any point of hire.