How can I cancel the vouchers and get your money back

Vacation plans may change for reasons beyond human reason, and bought the tour have to give. Tourists need to try to get listed travel Agency money.

When a person can regain the full cost of the tour?

All the money paid the tour operator will transfer the customer, if the trip did not take place due to his fault. For example, he failed to book the desired hotel or to buy tickets for the desired date.

In addition, the travel Agency will refund to the client the funds in full if there is a recommendation of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation to refrain from trips to a particular country, for example, due to military conflict or natural disaster.

How much money will return to the tour operator, if the customer refused the trip itself?

The company should return money for the ticket minus the actual costs incurred. These costs — the money that the tour operator has received from the client and have time to spend on the booking and purchase of those services.

Usually do not refund for:

  • visa fee if visa is obtained;
  • health insurance, if the policy has been issued;
  • tickets, if they purchased a non-refundable fare on a scheduled flight or Charter;
  • hotel booking with irrevocable pledge.

The illness of the tourist or family member may be grounds for a refund of the tour cost?

The disease is grounds for termination of the contract, but not grounds for a full refund, explained TASS the lawyer of Club of protection of the rights of tourists Margarita Eremeeva. “Is that a tourist fell ill, the tour operator is not to blame. He will return the money but after deduction of actual expenses,” she says.

The full amount if you cancel the trip the tourist can obtain by buying insurance on his own recognizance. This service is offered by many insurance companies. “Then the disease will be insured and will entail a refund for the tour”, — said the expert. The money for the ticket return is not the tour operator and the insurer.

Is it possible to return the funds at least for the flights, if the ride breaks down?

If a tour operator for your client specifically purchased tickets for the return fare, depending on the fare conditions, it is possible to return all the money or some part of them.

However, usually the tickets included in the tour, Charter and non-refundable.

How to apply for a refund?

“People should come with documents to travel to the tour operator or the travel Agency where he bought a round, and to write a letter of termination, specify reason. The tour operator has ten days to return the money,” — said Margarita Eremeeva. If the money is not returned, then the penalty for each day of delay 3% of the amount, but not more than the value stated requirements.

If you don’t agree to refund part of the amount will have to resolve the dispute in court. The tour operator will either provide the documents confirming its actual expenses up to the date of refusal of the person from the tour or it will be charged full price.

Legal penalties in the contract for tour cancellation?

Sometimes a tour operator registers the contract and penalties for cancellation. For example, repudiates the trip two weeks before departure loss could be 50% for cancellation one week before the trip I 100%.

“These fines are illegal. In such a situation, the penalty can not be. The money the client shall be refunded less actual costs incurred,” explained Margaret Eremeeva.