Manturov: the development of the SUV Aurus project “Cortege” will be completed in late 2019

MOSCOW, may 23. /TASS/. SUV Aurus project “Cortege” will be the most massive car in the lineup, its development will be completed in late 2019. This was announced by the Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov at the presentation of the brand Aurus. Under this brand will be sold machine project “integrated modeling platform” (project “Cortege”).

“(The SUV – approx. TASS) – it is more a mass product, as practice has shown. We look forward to SUVs,” said he.

“The emergence of SUVs as industrial units – this is the end of next year. At the end of this year, we will receive a prototype,” he said.

The Minister noted that the cars of the project “Cortege” could begin exporting before the end of 2020. “Will begin to register the potential customers after the (Moscow – approx. TASS) auto show, but next year we definitely will not be able to start to export just the physical. Production volumes will all go to Russia. We believe that you can export at the end of the year 2020 is the earliest”, – he said.

The Minister said that the distribution of vehicles may be made through dealers, the “Central scientific research automobile and automotive engines Institute (NAMI) talked about this with the dealer “Avilon” and “Panavto”, which are selling premium cars. In this case, WE do not exclude one flagship dealer.

In addition, Manturov said that the cars of the project “Cortege” is now available with a hybrid setup, in the future they can become fully electric. “We have formed the design of the vehicle in such a way that she allows the “dorotka”. In the long term can make it fully electric,” he said.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry stated that the commercial orders for new cars “Tuple” in versions of the sedan and the limousine will begin in September of this year.

Publicly cars present at the Moscow international automobile salon-2018, which will be held from 29 August to 9 September, under his own brand Aurus (from lat. aurum – “gold” and Russia – “Russia”). Model of the new brand will be named towers of the Kremlin: “Senate” for the sedan and limousine, Arsenal – for a minivan, “Commandant” for a SUV. As previously noted Manturov, any restrictions on the supply of such vehicles will not. In this policy “transplant” on the cars of officials will not. It is expected that the price of the first car Aurus will exceed 10 million rubles.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin 7 may 2018 for the first time used Russian limousine series “Tuple” in the inauguration ceremony. The project “Cortege” is implemented since 2013. Its key task was to create a limousine and escort vehicles for the first persons of the state. Subsequently, the cars in this series received a total Aurus brand, under which will be issued limousine, sedan, minivan and SUV.