“RUSAL” has suggested the state to purchase the aluminium to the reserve

Moscow. May 24. INTERFAX.RU – “RUSAL”, placed at the beginning of April, under us sanctions, has invited the state to buy aluminum in the reserve, returning to the idea raised a few years ago due to weak market conditions.

“Now Deripaska is appealing the government and the reserve for the purchase of aluminum in the reserves. The government thinks,” he told reporters high-ranking source in the Russian government.

This is not the only proposal in support of “RUSAL”, he said. “The proposals presented and considered”, – said the source.

RUSAL has also applied for credit in state-controlled PSB, who now works with sanctions companies and has already provided loan to refinance the external debt of “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg.

“The decision was not an address, it is considered PSB”, – said the source.

Credit for the “GAS”

It was also known that the loan PSB will get the GAZ Group, which, together with its owner Deripaska also fell under us sanctions.

“GAS” support for the replenishment of the working assets. To the extent necessary for working capital,” – said to journalists on Thursday a high-ranking source in the Russian government.

He stressed that the funds are granted on market conditions.

The round of sanctions

On 6 April the US announced a new round of sanctions policy against Russia. Among trapped under the sanctions of companies dominate the structure of Deripaska’s RUSAL, En+ group, GAZ group, Agroholding “Kuban” Basic Element Ltd, B-Finance Ltd, “the EuroSibEnergo”, “Russian machines”. In the “black list” also included Renova group Vekselberg, NPV Engineering and “Gazprom Burenie” Rothenberg, “Ladoga Management” Shamalova and the Bank of RFK (belongs to the “Rosoboronexport”, which too was under sanctions).

VTB Bank CEO Andrey Kostin said on may 23 that the Bank is waiting for further clarification of OFAC (Office of foreign assets control U.S. Department of Treasury) in companies placed under us sanctions in early April.

He recalled that VTB has estimated the size of the risk to the companies included in the new sanctions list, less than 2% of assets. New loans to individuals from the U.S. SDN List, VTB does not issue. “Of course, we don’t loan him more money (since the introduction of sanctions – Interfax)”, – said the head of VTB, answering a question about relations with Deripaska.

In turn, the head of Sberbank German Gref said that he does not see the threat issued by “RUSAL” loans imposed on a company of U.S. sanctions.

“Service (existing debt to the Bank – if) they are fine. The negotiations we are in regular mode with company management and with the government. We do not see any threat to our credit. I think some kind of constructive outlet for the company will be found,” – said Gref.

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