Putin told Cabinet members that they face an extremely challenging task

MOSCOW, may 26. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the new Cabinet of Ministers that the government faces an extremely challenging task. He stated this at a meeting with Cabinet members. Vladimir Putin also congratulated the Ministers on their appointment to these posts, wishing them success in their work.

“You became part of the Russian government, which is facing not just a difficult and very responsible tasks, – said the head of state. Is the goal of a fundamentally new level, their achievement is dependent on the vitality of our country, the energy of its development, its future, without exaggeration”.

The President expressed confidence that the government is fully aware of the scale and content of these breakthrough objectives, and will work “rapidly, accurately, smoothly, with maximum impact”.

The head of state demanded from the government to study the mechanisms and sources of financing the implementation of the may decree “On the national goals and strategic objectives of the country development till 2024”.

“The government needs to quickly develop and approve the main directions of its activities and key projects in line with the may decree “On the national goals and strategic objectives of the country development till 2024″, these goals, objectives, their indicators – specific, require the same clear, understandable study of the mechanisms of their implementation, including resource provision,” set the task of Vladimir Putin.

According to Putin, “it’s a big, fundamental amount of work that needs to be completed before October 1 of the current year”. He stressed that “this phase will directly depend on how successfully and effectively we will move on.”

The Russian President has warned the Vice-premiers and Ministers will not accept the explanation why you cannot perform certain provisions of the may decree.

“Should not and cannot be any reference to any circumstances which will prevent you to do the job efficiently, at a high level, in the short term”, – appealed the head of state to the members of the renewed Cabinet of Ministers.

The President also called on the government to work closely with the regions, political parties, social activists and front. Putin expressed the hope that the rhythm and energy of the new government will feel the entire country.

“It is essential to ensure effective coordination with regional management teams, I ask you to give it our undivided attention, constant attention, because we all know that – it will be implemented all our plans,” he said. “You should also set an example of constructive cooperation with civil society, with political parties, including the onf with, as one of the most mass public organizations”, – said the head of state.

Putin drew attention that the activists of the popular front have already gained extensive experience of monitoring the implementation of the may decrees of 2012. “I am confident that such a practice of civil, public monitoring and control must continue,” he said.

Putin expressed hope that the government will take the initiative and find creative approaches to assert a modern management style as that is what the Cabinet will decide the key issues of the breakthrough development of Russia. “That there should be a motor, engine updates changes in all spheres of our life. And the rhythm, the energy of your work, must feel the whole country”, – said the head of state.

The Russian President wished the members of the new Cabinet, that they had enough health and energy to this interesting and informative work.

“In short, the work to be great, informative and very interesting. I wish you strength, energy, health, to all enough to this large-scale work, and success,” he said.

According to the head of the government, ministries should be set to maximum openness, ongoing dialogue with people to explain all their actions. “This significant success of the actions of the government, – said Putin. – Need to involve citizens in the implementation of the tasks, and strengthen their desire to work together to achieve the goals we need”.

President holds first meeting with updated government, it is held in the Catherine hall of the First building of the Kremlin. It met the government in full, including the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Also involved the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Anton Vaino, and the assistant to the President Andrey Belousov.