The mayor explained the decision to stand in mayors of responsibility for their initiatives

MOSCOW, may 27. /TASS/. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, explained the decision to once again run for mayor in 2018, stating his concern for started their projects. The message of the mayor was published on Sunday on his personal website.

“It is highly probable that your mate will appear to other priorities. To understand the huge house, he – in his time and I will need a lot of time. As a result, many initiatives will turn into “unfinished” or even go backwards. All the efforts and sacrifices may be in vain – the mayor wrote. – Of course, this pessimistic scenario, but plausible”.

The acting mayor added that he feels “a huge responsibility for what is happening and what will happen in the coming years” in Moscow.

Sobyanin also said that the decision [to participate in the elections] was not taken immediately, because “eight years is a lot by any standards”. The mayor asked pardon of all whom he “did not hear or offended”, and assured that he did everything “not for personal interests but out of a desire for the good of Muscovites.”

Sobyanin announced his intention to stand in mayors of Moscow on 26 may. He has held this post since 2010, when he replaced Yuri Luzhkov, dismissed in connection with loss of trust of the President. In 2013, Sobyanin again took office after the elections in which he ran as the independent candidate.