Kosachev said that he could not participate in the meeting of the UN General Assembly because of the sanctions

MOSCOW, may 28. /TASS/. The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev said that he could not participate in the UN General Assembly after its inclusion in the sanctions lists of the United States.

“After I was included in the sanctions lists of the USA in early April, two weeks later, the U.S. state Department annulled the ruling and had my passport the annual visa to attend UN events in the U.S.,” said Kosachev at the Committee meeting on Monday.

According to him, it was a special American visa with the stamp of the UN. “This visa was cancelled and has not allowed me to take part in the UN General Assembly on may 22,” – said Kosachev.

The Senator said that after they received the first note of the Department of state for revocation of a visa, the Russian foreign Ministry sent an additional request to the American authorities in order to issue a single visa to attend the UN General Assembly. “I have not received any feedback. Do I understand correctly that this additional request of the American side has not responded,” – said Kosachev, referring to the Director of the Department of North America of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Georgy Borisenko participated in the meeting of the Committee.

In turn, the diplomat confirmed that the foreign Ministry immediately sent to the U.S. Embassy a note asking you to confirm the possibility of issuing Kosacheva a visa. “No response from the American side followed. When we tried to probe to determine whether they are ready to issue the visa, they have all boils down to is that you must re-apply, then they will begin to review the documents and the possibility of issuing visas”, – said Borisenko.

Kosachev called unacceptable the practice which began to use of the USA, extending its sanctions to activities of international organizations on its territory, in particular the activities of the United Nations. “In so doing, they directly violated their own obligations to the United Nations as the country that hosted the headquarters of the UN,” – said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council.

The fifth summit of the speakers of the countries of the inter-Parliamentary Union

He also said that in the inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) now we discuss the prospect of hosting the fifth summit of the speakers of the countries of the IPU in 2020 (the fourth such summit was held in 2015 in the US). “A final decision has yet been made, but there is a very common view that to hold this summit in the USA should not be. All are inclined to find a country that imposes sanctions and who would like to host such events with the participation of all without an exception of heads of parliaments,” – said Kosachev.

In addition, the head of the international Committee of Federation Council told the participants that have sent a formal request to the Committee for the protection of the rights of parliamentarians of inter-Parliamentary Union. “Sent not only on its own behalf, but on behalf of all Russian members of Parliament with a request to the Committee to decide on the merits of how the us sanctions against parliamentarians violate political, and human rights of parliamentarians. The expected now consider this official request,” said the Senator.

On 6 April the us government has expanded its sanctions list regarding Russia, including 38 individuals and legal entities, including those holding Ministerial and equivalent posts, as well as large businesses. In the list among others, were Kosachev and Senator Suleiman Kerimov.