Gryzlov: the violation of Kiev the ceasefire regime in the Donbass pose a threat to Minsk

MINSK, 30 may. /TASS/. Plenipotentiary representative of Russia in the contact group on settlement in the East of Ukraine, Boris Gryzlov said that Kiev is their irresponsible actions puts into question the possibility of implementing Minsk agreements.

“The armed forces continue to systematically and flagrantly violate the ceasefire regime, which poses a real threat to the entire Minsk process, – he told reporters Wednesday after the next group meeting in Minsk. – Despite the fact that the Minsk talks is the only platform for dialogue between the parties Ukrainian domestic conflict”.

According to him, violations of the APU in the “gray area” and in areas where there was already breeding forces, as well as in the areas adjacent to the checkpoints of entry-departure record even the report of the OSCE.

“These actions openly proud of in the media and social networks not only ordinary members, and the commanders of separate units of the APU, telling about the violations of the ceasefire regime and the Minsk agreements, – said the envoy. The Russian delegation notes that these unpunished and even promoted the actions again and again demonstrate the real unwillingness of the Ukrainian side of the conflict to create conditions for the settlement of the situation on the basis of the Minsk agreements”.

Gryzlov also said that Russia as a mediator in the conflict appealed to the representatives of Donbas with the request not to succumb to provocations of the opposing side.

“The only way to ensure security is breeding forces from the contact line, – said the Russian representative. But this process is stopped, the APU, which constantly disrupted the process in the Village Lugansk on trumped-up reasons for the attacks, which were not confirmed by the SMM of the OSCE.”

Donetsk filtration station

According to Gryzlov, special risks exposed to the Donetsk filtering station (DFS). “It seems that before the APU has set a goal to capture this critical infrastructure and cut off water supply to adjacent areas not controlled by the Kiev authorities, he said. In this connection, the Russian delegation proposed the creation of a plot breeding forces around DFS, under a special control of SMM of the OSCE.”

For better performance, it is necessary to record the obligations of the parties to the negotiations and to monitor their implementation at each meeting of the contact group, said the envoy.

The political process is blocked

“The Ukrainian side continues to block a substantive discussion of the foundations of the political settlement, the special status of Donbass, which, according to the Minsk agreements should be provided by Ukrainian law, in the framework of the constitutional reform in Ukraine, – Gryzlov recalled. – Ukraine is blocking the question of the introduction of the Amnesty of participants of civil confrontation in the Donbass on both sides”.

“We also urged the Ukrainian authorities not to build artificial barriers to the exchange of the parties held by the people according to the principle “all for all”, whose identity is established and confirmed,” – said the Russian envoy. “All the conditions to this exchange created”, – he stressed.