Putin: Russia does not give up Crimea under any circumstances

VIENNA, 4 June. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there can be no conditions under which Russia ceded the Crimea to Ukraine. The head of state stressed that “Crimea gained independence as a result of the invasion of Russian troops, but by the will of the Crimean people at a public referendum.”

“But when the spiral of unconstitutional actions in Ukraine began to twist, when people in Crimea feel threatened, when they already trains began to send the nationalists, began to block the buses and road transport, people have the desire to defend themselves,” – said the President of the Russian Federation. He admitted: “the First thing that came to mind – to restore their rights that have been obtained in the framework of the Ukraine when Crimea got the authority. This actually all began, began the process in the Parliament [of Crimea] to determine their independence from Ukraine”. The head of state stressed that such actions are not prohibited by the UN Charter, and on the contrary, “right there spelled out the right of Nations to self-determination”.

Putin stressed that at this point the armed forces that did not exceed numerical contingent, the provisions of the agreement on the Russian base, has provided an independent free elections – the will of the people living in Crimea. He noted that “the decision to hold the referendum was taken by the Crimean Parliament, which was elected in full compliance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine until any events of this kind.” “Therefore, anything illegal,” – said the Russian leader.


Putin again stressed that the Crimea became nezavisimym not the result of invasion of the Russian troops, and by the will of the Crimean people at a public referendum. According to the head of the state holding such a referendum cannot be called annexation.

For example, Vladimir Putin has cited Kosovo. He was surprised that the secession of Kosovo from Serbia is called self-determination, not annexation. “The Kosovars only did the decision of the Parliament, and the opposition did it in the referendum, which attracted more than 90% of the people living in Crimea voted for independence and then joining Russia, about the same – about 90%”, – said the President.

“Isn’t that democracy? What is it then? And then what is democracy?” – asked rhetorical questions to Putin.

He definitely answered the question about the possible conditions under which Russia could give Crimea: “there are No such conditions and can not be”.