Putin will open the 16th “Straight line” with Russians

MOSCOW, 7 June. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday in a live broadcast will answer questions of Russians.

For Putin, this will be the first “Straight line” in a new six-year term on the main state office and the 16th since 2001. Putin 11 times answered questions of inhabitants of the country as President and four as Prime Minister.

Calling the President

As previously reported the press service of the Kremlin, the transfer will begin on June 7 at 12:00 Moscow time on air of TV channels “the First” “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, “OTR”, radio stations “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”. Ask questions by calling, sending an sms or mms message or via the program website or dedicated mobile app. References to “Straight line” is also taken from user social networks “Vkontakte” and “Odnoklassniki”, where you can send a text question or request to the President, video. In addition, directly during a broadcast to enter a direct video link with the Studio will be users of applications “Moscow – Putin” and “OK Live”.

To reach a Unified message center from anywhere in Russia by number 8-800-200-40-40. Call with city and mobile phones free. From abroad to call the call centre, please call +7-499-550-40-40 and +7-495-539-40-40.

Questions in the form of sms and mms messages are accepted to the number 0-40-40 only phones with Russian operators. Sending messages for free. Ask questions only in Russian and volume no more than 70 characters. Questions will be accepted until the end of the program.

Send your question through the website moskva-putinu.ru. There’s also detailed information available about the upcoming “Straight line”, the communication methods with a Unified message center, an archive of previous programs. Question can be send through official mobile app “Moscow – Putin”.

The format of the dialogue

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov previously predicted that the format of “Straight line” this year will be slightly different from previous years. “This year’s “Direct line” provides a variety of innovations. The essence of this unique global practice with substantial and technical point of view the event will remain the same, but it will be slightly enriched in terms of geography, scope of communication in accordance with the technological advances that are at our disposal,” he promised reporters the representative of the Kremlin.

Among the applications received on the website moskva-putinu.ru are the questions about gasoline prices and air tickets rates for mortgages, pension reform. Still, for example, the Russians are interested in whether this year Putin’s meeting with U.S. President Donald trump, what forecast will give the head of state about the game of our national team at the world Cup what the President has put new domestic limousine Aurus.

“What we have going on with the protection of the unique paintings in museums? Surely the state has no money to install armored glass in such films as “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan”? – worried citizen after the vandal attack on the masterpiece by Ilya Repin.

Sands had previously been assured: “We are trying after the “Straight line” of heads of regions to supply [the information] that they have watched, first hand the real picture in the region. We try to do collections for the Ministers of each Ministry. The most horrendous situations are solved at once: we try not to pigeonhole and intervene,” he said. According to Peskov, President of “every citizen is a problem of national concern”.

As of Wednesday evening received about 1.6 million issues.