Putin: a new world war could be the end of civilization

MOSCOW, 7 June. /TASS/. A new world war could be the end of civilization, this understanding should hold a global conflict. This was stated on Thursday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the annual “Direct line”.

“Understanding that the third world war may be the end of today’s civilization should keep us from the extreme and extremely dangerous for the modern civilization of action in the international arena”, – said the Russian leader. Putin recalled a saying by albert Einstein: “I do not know what means will be conducted a third world war, but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones”.

The President noted that after the Second world war, we are living in conditions of relative global peace. Regional conflicts, he said, are constantly emerging at different points, as an example, Putin said the war in Vietnam, the conflict on the Korean Peninsula, the situation in the middle East, but global conflicts.

“Why? Because in the world between the leading military powers was installed strategic parity. As unpleasant as it may sound, what I say, but it’s true: fear of mutual destruction has always kept members of the international community and the leading military powers from any sudden movements and were forced to respect each other”, – Putin said.