What Putin said during “Straight line”

Russian President Vladimir Putin in the 16th time spent “the Direct line” with Russians. The conversation in the live stream lasted 4 hours and 20 minutes. This year has been used a conference call with governors and officials.

Only the head of state answered 79 questions, which related to the growth of gasoline prices, the tax system, the construction of roads and housing, cryptocurrency, relations between Russia and the West.

About the economic development of Russia

Vladimir Putin considers that Russia is moving in the direction of sustainable “white stripes”. The President noted that the country has entered the path of economic growth and achieved historically low levels of inflation. About what is happening in the economy structural changes evidenced, in particular, export growth of machinery and equipment. He also noted the rapid increase in direct investment in the Russian economy. In addition, according to Putin, there is a steady increase of incomes and life expectancy.

The growth in gasoline prices

The President called it unacceptable and wrong of the current situation in the fuel market of Russia, noting that the increase in gasoline prices — the result of imprecise regulation in this area. According to him, the government has already adopted decisions that are intended to limit the increase in prices, additional measures to stabilize the situation, take this fall.

On the tax system and pension reform

Putin acknowledged the inappropriate introduction of sales tax and a graduated scale of tax on income of individuals. According to him, this will lead to the concealment of citizens of high income, deterioration of investment climate in the country and the burden on the economy and trigger inflation.

The key challenge in the pension system today — improving the income of pensioners and, consequently, reducing the level of poverty in the country, Putin said. He noted that in the highest degree of caution relates to the question of raising the retirement age.

To mortgage and housing

The President noted the high rate of growth in mortgage loans. He said that the main objective is to ensure access to mortgages for the majority of citizens of the country, mortgage rates need to reduce to 7%.

Putin also instructed to correct errors in the decision of the Cabinet and extend the benefit of lower mortgage rates to large families that will cost the budget an additional 9 billion rubles.

On the construction of roads

Putin noted that road construction and connectivity areas will be priorities for the next six years. During this period, Russia plans to double the amount of funds for the implementation of the respective projects. For these purposes will be allocated about 9.5–9.7 trillion.

To solve the problem with the roads, will help breakthrough in the development of the country. Putin urged to increase the share of regional trails in the regulatory state up to 70-80%.

About business and bitcoin

The President urged Russia’s largest businesses to return capital to Russia and reminded them how they were willing to give their enterprise to the state for 1 ruble during the economic crisis of 2008. “I, as Prime Minister then, said, “No, we’ll help you on certain conditions, get your credits and you will then have the opportunity to redeem us” — said Putin during a “Straight line”. So it is, according to him, then happened.

Putin recalled that a few years ago at a meeting with representatives of big business talked about the possibility of harassment of Russian entrepreneurs in the West, and also encouraged them to return capital to Russia.

The head of state said that his cryptocurrency of the Russian Federation have, by definition, can not be. He added that in Russia mining cryptocurrency is not regulated by the authorities relate to these issues “very carefully”. Putin believes that the cryptocurrency should not be a means of payment and savings.

About the relationship between Russia and the West

A new world war could be the end of civilization, this understanding should keep from a global conflict, Putin said. According to him, the fear of mutual destruction has always kept the major powers from any sudden movements and were forced to respect each other.

The President did not predict the period of restoration of relations with the West, but said that Russia must protect its interests. Meanwhile, Putin added that Western partners are beginning to understand the necessity of establishing relations with Russia. According to him, the charges of the West against Russia is a way of deterrence of the country, because it is seen as a competitor, and this is a misguided policy.

On the situation in Ukraine and Syria

Putin said Russian and Ukrainians “are practically one people”, which has a common past and future. He regards the conflict in the Donbass as a great tragedy of the Ukrainian people and the Russian compatriots. The Russian President believes that the current Ukrainian leadership is unable to solve the problem of conflict in the South-East of the country.

Speaking about the situation in Syria, Putin said that Russia has no plans of withdrawing its troops from the Arab Republic, but does not build a long-term facilities. According to him, the Syrian operation is a unique combat experience for the Russian armed forces. The head of state stressed that the territory of this country is not a testing ground for Russian weapons, but it is there perfected in combat.

On blocking of social networks in the Internet

Russia is not going to close any of the popular social network and Internet resources, Putin said. He pointed out that aware of the situation around Telegram messenger.

The President believes that the intelligence and law enforcement agencies should look for modern means of struggle for security without limiting the freedom in the Internet space. He proposed to analyze the law enforcement practice in criminal cases on extremism, stressing that they should not be brought “to the point of absurdity”, but the promotion of suicide and fascist ideology it is necessary to counter.

Putin expressed the opinion that the content of the radio station “Echo of Moscow” requires filtering.

On health and education

To increase life expectancy in Russia up to 80 years without progress in the fight against cancer is impossible, Putin said. To address this question it is necessary to develop early diagnosis, and the Russian preparations must meet all modern requirements.

The program to combat such diseases, which is now being prepared will require about 1 trillion rubles.

Speaking about the problems of education, Putin said about the need to maintain small schools, as this will help to develop rural communities. According to him, salaries in this area needs to grow along with average wages across regions and industries.

About the development of the Far East

The President has urged to expand the program of subsidizing of air flights to the far East, their duration, and also the geography of flights. He said that the government has decided to abolish VAT on far Eastern transportation, and promised to develop the region’s high-tech industries, including aviation and shipbuilding.

Putin also said that the program “far Eastern hectare” works, it is claimed. However, he promised that reports of abuse on the part of officials will be checked.

Speaking about the project of bridge to Sakhalin, Putin said that it should be assessed from the point of view of economic efficiency and geopolitics.

About the environment

Until 2024, you need to build 200 modern plants for waste management, said Putin. He noted that it is not about “stoves”, which degrade the environment when burning, and modern factories with the latest technology.

The President said that tens of thousands of landfills operate in “gray”, and some of them criminalized. He laid on the government and the Ministry of natural resources and Deputy Prime Minister Gordeyev personal responsibility for dealing with waste management issues.

About sports

The President said that Russia has solved the issue of congestion of the infrastructure remaining after the winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi. The President also counts on a competent approach to the use of football infrastructure after the 2018 world Cup and hopes that after the tournament, all the objects will be recoverable and effective. He warned the governors about the unacceptability of the new football stadiums in the future turned into markets.

In addition, Putin hopes that the national team of Russia on football will be able to demonstrate their best qualities at the world Cup.

The President also called for to assess the performance of Vitaly Mutko, in terms of his work on development of sports infrastructure, “may refer to the emotional aspect of his activity, and actual”. An important outcome of the sports Minister, he called participation in the construction of the Olympic venues in Sochi and the construction of stadiums for the world Cup. The head of state added that it is impossible to send Deputy Prime Minister to retire in terms of when it was a powerful attack on the history of doping in sport.


The profession of the President of the country makes the sacrifice of the personal sphere, Putin said. However, he noted that it was “kompensiruet knowing that what you do is very important and need a unique business aimed at improving the welfare of millions of people and to strengthen the most important thing in life of each person of the Motherland.” He believes that his successor as President will determine the people. The President also said that he is not alone on the political scene because he works in the team.

The Russian leader believes that faith in God is present in every person from birth, but the comprehension of it depends on life circumstances.

The head of state admitted that she often laughs himself over them, and the main advice he would give to his grandchildren — not to lie.