“United Russia” will support Sobyanin in the mayoral election in Moscow and will provide the necessary assistance

MOSCOW, June 8. /TASS/. United Russia will “fully support” the candidacy of the incumbent mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on elections of the capital mayor and provide him with all necessary assistance, including organizational. This was announced on Friday, TASS Secretary of the Moscow city branch (MGRO) parties Andrey Metelsky.

Earlier, Sobyanin said that it will participate in elections of the mayor which will pass in the uniform voting day on September 9, as the independent candidate. He explained this by the fact that he believes the position of mayor to a greater extent economic than political.

“Of course, MGRO “an United Russia” will fully support the candidacy of Sergei Sobyanin,” said Metelsky.

He drew attention that “the mayor should be the person who can successfully solve the problems of the inhabitants and develop the city.” “Sergei Sobyanin with concrete actions proved that he can effectively control the capital, in recent years, our city was much better – more beautiful, more comfortable,” – said the representative of “United Russia”.

Therefore, according to Metelsky, “the party not only supports the mayor and have [him] all necessary assistance, including organizational”.

For the registration of candidates on elections of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation all candidates must overcome the so-called municipal filter to collect in support of the nomination signatures of municipal deputies. In Moscow, it is the signatures of 110 municipal deputies in 110 municipalities. In addition, the independent candidate needs to win the support of voters (in the capital – 36 thousand signatures).