“United Russia” Vorobyov nominated a candidate for Governor of the Moscow region

MOSCOW, June 9. /TASS/. The Moscow regional branch of political party “United Russia” following the results of the primaries have nominated incumbent Governor of the Moscow region as a candidate for the post of head of the region, the correspondent of TASS.

“In the ballots was made five candidates. The results were as follows: Roman Volodin – eight votes, Vorobiev Andrey – 199 votes, Valentina Kabanova – 13 votes, Lysenko Alexander – seven votes, Tolmachev Alexander – three votes. The results of the voting are invited to nominate a candidate of the Moscow regional branch of the party “United Russia” Vorobyov Andrei Yurevich, who scored the results of the secret ballot the majority of votes”, – said the Chairman of the audit Committee Alexander Kostomarov.

In turn, Vorobyov thanked party members for their support. “Our goal is a United team to move forward, to make the suburbs a strong, healthy and clean region. Plenty of work ahead”, – he said.

Earlier at a meeting with the secretaries of local and primary branches of the Moscow regional branch of “United Russia” Vorobyov presented his program entitled “Strong, clean, healthy suburbs”.

Election campaign at elections of the Governor of the region officially launched in the Moscow region on June 8. Candidates for the post of Governor of the Moscow region can run only on the parties the nomination of the regional law. Elections of the Governor of the Moscow region will be held September 9, in a single day of voting.

Reaction to the nomination

According to the Secretary of the Moscow regional regional branch of party “United Russia” Lidia Antonova, according to tradition, all the other participants in the primaries will be appointed by the Trustees of the candidate. “I want to note that our acting Governor Andrei Vorobyov, likes, and trusts the party. Of course, we are pleased that the party was for him support, and he chose this path. Today’s results again showed that the degree of confidence in this candidate is very high,” she said.

As noted by the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir resin, first term as Governor sparrows have accomplished a lot: launched housing construction, solved many issues of infrastructure and transport character. “All the major programs being implemented Moscow region, needs to be finished, I understand the desire of Andrei Yurevich to take it to its logical end. I believe this decision [to run for a second gubernatorial term] correct and worthy of respect. Especially considering that in mass building, there are times when there are unscrupulous developers, and here close attention is paid to housing issues by putting under strict control the objects of shared construction”, – he said.

According to the Deputy of the state Duma Vyacheslav Fetisov, from the election of the Governor of Moscow region depends on the future development of the region in the near future. The tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation, can solve, according to him, the only person who has the experience, knowledge, teamwork and understanding how it can be done. “Andrey Vorobev became Governor at a difficult time. All programs that operate in the region, just focused on social development and human well-being and future,” he added.

According to the Deputy of the state Duma, the Olympic champion on figure skating Irina Rodnina, Moscow oblast developed a good pace of development, the team. “I played a couple and know that if there are weak partners, the result will be. So what would a strong Moscow was, our job is to be a really worthy partner not only in the capital, but throughout the country”, – said the Deputy.