Sands with irony reacted to the articles in the media about the contacts of the Russian Federation “the main sponsor of the” Brexit

MOSCOW, June 13. /TASS/. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov reacted with irony to the statements in the media about the contacts between representatives of Russia in the UK with businessman Arrone banks.

Peskov said the journalist asking the question, who is the banks, and received the answer – “the main sponsor of the Brexit”.

“That is Brexit staged a businessman in the UK? This is new information, we have to perform,” said the spokesman.

Newspaper The Sunday Times, 10 June accused the businessman of the arrone banks in relations with Moscow. According to her, the Russian authorities have repeatedly been in touch with banks who financed the campaign Leave.EU campaign for Brexit. According to the newspaper, the banks, which provided financial support for Brexit, three meetings were held with the Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko said that, according to the newspaper, once again raises the question of Moscow’s attempts to influence the outcome of the referendum in 2016, following which the United Kingdom now comes from the European Union.

Peskov, commenting on this approach, noted that “with the Russian Ambassador in London and the British Ambassador here [in Russia] there are hundreds of businessmen”.

He Backs said Sunday in an interview with Reuters that he had not received any financial assistance from Russia for the campaign in favour of Brexit. The businessman said that in all his life have not encountered such artificially imposed by the article, which would amount together facts, unrelated to each other.