Gryzlov said the need to include in the lists on the exchange in the Donbass Russian citizens

MINSK, 13 June. /TASS/. The Ambassador of Russia in the contact group on settlement in the East of Ukraine, Boris Gryzlov considers it necessary to revisit the question of returning to the lists for the prisoner exchange of Russian citizens who were excluded by the Kiev unilaterally during the previous exchange in the Donbass in December last year.

“For the implementation of task sharing according to the principle “all for all”, the Russian delegation insists to return to the list of persons for exchange of citizens of Russia, held by the Ukrainian side in connection with the events in the South-East of Ukraine.” he said on Wednesday in Minsk another meeting of the contact group.

According to Gryzlov, all the participants of the contact group reaffirmed the importance of the Minsk format to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

He recalled that the first contact group met on 4 September 2014. May 6, 2015 we began to work all four subgroups. Held more than 80 meetings of working groups on security, on political Affairs, humanitarian Affairs and more than 70 on economic issues. All in all there were 85 meetings of the contact group. “The result was a significant reduction in the escalation of the conflict”, – he said.

According to him, at today’s meeting the special attention was paid to the “fulfillment of the obligations of the parties for the breeding of forces on sites in areas of Gold and Petrovsky”.

“OSCE SMM registers the appearance in these areas are new weapons, the APU, despite the fact that the breeding of forces at these sites was conducted a year and a half ago, – said Gryzlov. – Moreover, despite the numerous decisions on a plot near the village of Lugansk breeding forces did not take place. The APU constantly disrupted this process for far-fetched reasons for the attacks, which were not confirmed by OSCE SMM. Russia as a mediator in resolving the conflict, has again appealed to the Ukrainian side, urging compliance with the agreements and commitments in the areas of breeding forces.”

One of the issues on the agenda was discussion of the violations of the cease-fire, informed the Russian envoy. “The security risk to civilians. Russia again appealed to the parties to the conflict to toughen a disciplinary responsibility of persons guilty in violation of RPO on the frontline”, – he said.

Gryzlov recalled that in the meeting of foreign Ministers in “channel format” once again emphasized the need for implementation of measures for a political settlement.

“The special status of Donbass and Amnesty participants of the conflict from both sides remain uncontested measures to resolve the situation, – said the envoy. – Because of the constant delays by the Ukrainian side informed debate on these topics in the political subgroup, progress in this direction yet. Russia urges Ukraine to start discussions on a political settlement of the conflict.”

27 December 2017 was the largest since the beginning of the conflict, the exchange of prisoners. Kiev gave then proclaimed republics of Donbass 233 prisoners, and received 73 people. However, the number of released individuals of Ukraine was less, than agreed previously. In particular, the list excluded all Russian citizens who were detained during the conflict in the East of the country. The Ukrainian authorities referred to the agreement in the framework of the CIS, which require transfer of sentenced persons but with the participation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the interested party.

After that, in Kiev, in General, began to claim that the citizens of the Russian Federation, and, according to Kiev, there are 23 people, can not be exchanged in the framework of the Minsk process. Instead, Ukraine proposed to hold their exchange for Ukrainian citizens, who were convicted and are serving now the punishment in Russia.